What is a true blue Singaporean?

I think many would like to know what this term means. The true blue Singaporeans will definitely know without having to scratch his head. You can see a true blue Singaporeans here and overseas by his mannerism, his lingo and his interests. There will be no mistaken identity. The new citizens, many will not be able to pass off as a Singaporean here or overseas. Our Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasians are a unique kind, different from their counterparts from whatever countries. Only those that are not, or those who refuse to acknowledge the true blue will pretend that they don’t know or very difficult to define. Let me attempt a definition and I don’t expect everyone to agree.

First, all those who were here in 1965 and were citizens or subsequently made citizens is a true blue Singaporean. All born and bred and served NS is another. All those new citizens who have served NS is also another. This latter category is to accept new citizens who are willing to serve the nation like all NSmen.

For the ladies or those who are not eligible to do NS, a 10 year citizenship should be a reasonable time to qualify one as a true blue Singaporean. This condition is used so as not to disqualify the newcomers/citizens or to alienate them. We welcome our new citizens as one of ours after some time. The 10 year is arbitrary of course.

Then there are true blue Singaporeans who ran away because of NS or other reasons, economic, education etc and still very Singaporean. They are still true blue except that they have run foul of the NS law. They could return and be one of us, after paying their dues.

All the children of true blue Singaporeans are true blue Singaporeans. No question about this.

Now, would my definition be inclusive enough? I think these terms would at least draw some lines as to who is or who is not. There will be exceptions outside these parameters and could be treated differently on a case by case basis. Not that difficult isn’t it. No need to scratch the head for another ten years with scholars to come up with these simple criteria.

Any disagree? Go ahead, no problem.


Anonymous said...

Why would someone who left to escape NS want to return anyway? That would be the most foolish thing a Singaporean can do. In fact any Singaporean who has experienced living overseas will not want to come back at all.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are right. Any Sinkie that left will not be able to come back with the cost of living here.

Veritas said...

India is unhappy with the changes in Singapore’s employment pass law which it says is tantamount to impe­ding special preferential treatment for Indians.

The pact has opened the doors to many of the 200,000 Indian nationals who take up jobs as middle-level managers, executives and technicians; positions that the locals are losing out on.

News that their government had granted the right to India to send its professionals en masse here under a free trade pact has shocked Singa­po­reans.

India unhappy with restrictions


The treaty was conclude by "nice guy" George Fucking Yeo.

Singaporeans are already dalits not just today, but 10 years ago. 10 years ago, my graduate friends were already working as a cashier in Kinokuniya.

Today, you see Singaporean graduates working as office girl, taxi driver, cashier, waiter. Some even work in coffee shop as coffee boy. Other graduates open their stalls peddling food. Many work in black market economy like free lance tutor.

Many of these graduates are high IQ. They studied very hard. They got put into big debts by NUS/NTU while their FT classmate result worse than them got scholarship.

The whole world now curse Singaporeans as lazy and stupid, including LKY.

Today, PAP try to conditioned us saying we are very fuck up. We deserve to work like cockroach. Tomorrow, I 100% bet that PAP will open a career path of shit collector and prostitute for Singaporeans.

Today racist prosper in our country. As a engineer, I heard more than once that FT scolded Singaporeans are fuck up. FT bragged that how come 100% of engineers (literally in some department) are FT.

They never repent their racism. FT think they are clever but reason they got a job is because they have the same nationality as the recruiting managers.

Sadly during the Chinese New Year when I talk to many old relatives(they are fuckers), they supported PAP because they think they get very rich when HDB price rocketed.

Many old Singaporeans are bastard, and they do not think of their children. I was accused for being a extremist.

Anonymous said...

Singapore should honour the CECA and let the Indian PMETs to come in as agreed. How can Singapore sign an agreement and then back out from it.

Let us welcome the Indian PMETs. It will make 2030 comes earlier.

Veritas said...

You are right. Any Sinkie that left will not be able to come back with the cost of living here.

I knew many FT couples who left but still collecting rent from their HDB flat. Many are able to idle by having passive rental income.

Those earlier birds got a 4 room flats at $200,000, now getting a monthly rent of $2000-$2500.

Who is paying for all these FT fuckers? The newly arrived FT is first victims. Our young Singaporeans are next.
Because of crazy property policies, our young Singaporeans are put into debt. Your Singaporeans take a risk of foreclosure. They got all their savings wipe out. They got sterilize.

I wonder why PAP hated young Singaporeans so much. FT now in oversea collecting rents:"Huat ah"

ufo said...

In most first world country, passive income earned by foreigners are all taxed at 30% and above. I would only say that our FM is in cahoots with those people. They should also 'fine' those companies that employed foreign pmets instead of training locals to do their work.

Anonymous said...

By 'fine' these companies that employed foreign pmets, this is a way to circle around the CECA.

oldhorse42 said...

Your definitions of true blue Singaporean should include all male MP who have or have not served NS.Otherwise how to justify them to be our leaders.Not tell me that true blue Singaporean allow non-blue to lead them?
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

We do not need to distinguish between true blue or not true blue. What we need is the gahmen not to screw up their jobs and give away citizenship like toilet papers. Only well deserving and people who have worked here for ten years can be a citizens. Only citizens allow to buy hdb.

ufo said...

They must also be able to pass a test in english AND a second language. A language test is a must for any first world countries for foreigners to be CONSIDERED for citizenship.

Anonymous said...

Protect your job and your children's job.
Vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...

A true blue Singaporean is an Opposition Voter & supporter.

Anonymous said...

Your view are correct.

We should apply the same criteria to those who have left Spore but choose to come back, because a country exist because there are people willing to defend.

Also permanent resident cannot be view as Singaporean. It has plus points but also hidden cost on the society.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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agongkia said...

True blue Sinkie should speak Singlish and be proud of it.Can test whether one is a true blue Sinkie by testing on his Singlish .I am proud of my Singlish and even stated it in my job application form as language spoken.
Another way of testing one in oversea is by talking to them .Sinkies like to F the you know who whenever you praise the Garmen.Dun know why.Cannot even leave them alone.Spoil my holiday mood.
But that is not important.Children that is produce by Sinkie oversea must be considered as true blue Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

The rape of Singapore and thereby of Singaporeans by the Pappy government on a grand national scale is not diminishing any time soon but on the contrary will increase in intensity until it bursts at the seams giving birth to a sure outburst of a revolution to save the people and the country from self interest ravaging politicians. The Pappy government has already bankrupted Singapore with gambling in wild ventures in US toxic investments and fraudulent business. Therefore it is using all kinds of arbitrary means of extorting money from the people. The Pappy government is worst than bandits when it legalised robbing from the citizens hundreds of billions of dollars through COEs, ERPS, GSTs, high PUB bills, overpriced HDB flats in addition to maintaining an illegal hold to ransom on the people's CPF savings. It is utterly shameless and immoral when it uses all the spurious reasons to justify its illegal robbings from the defenseless people.

Eagles Eye

Anonymous said...


[Foreign workers needed as S'pore youth too sheltered]

"SINGAPORE has to allow the entry of foreign workers to take on the menial jobs that Singaporeans shy away from.

We have no choice but to carefully manage the number of foreign workers.

This sheltered way of life is the root cause of our dependence on foreign workers, and has exacerbated our immigration problem tremendously.

We have become a society of very spoilt individuals, and it is all our own making.

Tan Kok Tim"


Anonymous said...

STFORUM - Print edition

"WHILE I applaud the Govt for pursuing the noble objectives of quality growth and an inclusive society in its Budget,
I am apprehensive over the repercussions of the increase in levies for less-skilled foreign workers ('Getting firms to rely less on foreign labour'; Tuesday).

Most people have no problems with importing foreigners to take up jobs that S'poreans shun, be it as cleaners, bus drivers or construction workers.

Brenton Ong"


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are angry with the import of foreign pmets not low skilled workers. How come they never get it right? Are they so dumb asses?

Vote opposition to save sinky from sinking further.

Anonymous said...


patriot said...

The Country and the People are ruled by the Leadership.
Loyalty to the Rulers means patriotism from the Citizens and only Citizens loyal to the Rulers can be considered TRUE BLUE SINKIES.


Claudia said...

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