No support for stay at home caregivers

'AWARE calls for greater support for women who have left or stayed out of the workforce due to their caregiving responsibilities. Ministry of Manpower figures show that as many as 68 percent of women who are not in the workforce identify caregiving responsibilities as the reason why they are not doing paid work.'

Let me try to explain, but let me clarify that this is just my opinion, I am speaking in my personal capacity. I think the Govt would prefer the well educated mothers to remain in the work force to contribute to the economy and the GDP. In return they not only pay taxes, they also help to make the maid industry more vibrant, employing more maids, and more levies to be collected, not forgetting helping to pay for the mortgage of our super expensive flats and properties.

I know that having the mothers directly and personally taking care of the children is a benefit that no money can buy. Nothing beats mothercare and the love and devotion of mothers caring for their children. But we need to be practical and pragmatic. The economy needs to be lubricated and it is second best to have the maids to bring up the children. Grandparents would be good too, as caregivers.

Remember that everything is about the economy and GDP. Even having babies is for the economy and GDP. We exist not to live but to support the GDP growth so that more people can be paid handsomely.

It is preferable to have caregivers contributing to the economy than looking after babies and children. There is always the reliable and dependable maids to take over mothercare.


theonion said...


I believe that WP paper also wants more local workforce participation so that would app;y to your article I guess.

Anonymous said...

Let us go back to the traditional way of living when and whereby the lady folks manage the home.
Nothing in this World beats mother love and care. No amount of money and play things can ever be comparable and no one beats the greatness of a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother.

Women should stop listening to the exhortation of the Rulers to be like men for women are ordained by Nature to be Mother in the First Place.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing greater than mothers' love. No amount of wealth can be comparable to motherhood.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is a very heavy price to pay when the womenfolks have to bring in the bacon. The family unit is broken down no matter how much quality time is spent on the children by a woman in many roles.

LKY once lamented that women should go to universities to study how to be a better wife and homemaker.

Once our children were known as latch key kids. Now they are maid's kids.

Veritas said...

Let us go back to the traditional way of living when and whereby the lady folks manage the home.
Nothing in this World beats mother love and care. No amount of money and play things can ever be comparable and no one beats the greatness of a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother.

Forcing woman to work is precisely PAP's policy. If PAP wants woman stay at home, they could have give a discount for HDB, when woman stay at home.

Making our woman work brings up GDP. Also family will have more $$$ when woman work. When this happen, PAP can again crank up HDB price, creating a toxic positive feedback loop.

Aware does not aware that stay at home mother is anathema to property price. If woman stay at home, I predict property will drop at least 35%, due to income reduction.

That will bankrupt all banks in SG given they are highly leverage on fractional reserve banking system.

To have a good life, we must take down PAP, and implement a different system.

Anonymous said...

They have factored in two incomes to buy the flats. It used to be one income. How real is the market price?

Anonymous said...

The Pro Alien Traitors can't even maintain a small train network in Singapore.
You think you want to trust them with making policies on families?

Vote Opposition to protect your families with pro-family policies.

patriot said...

The Mother Of All Roles that a woman should and must play, is the Role Of A Mother.


Anonymous said...

Of cos the pap treats us a serfs and as a tool to enhance the gdp not human beings. In their minds, no one needs a mother. People who do not know how to respect a mother are not fit to be born into this world.

Vote opposition to save sinky from sinking further.

agongkia said...

They should stay at home and it is their duty to take care of the parent in laws.What kind of support are we talking about.
Their duty to take care of the house chores,produce babies,educate them and serve their husbands' needs.

Dun try to change the rules.

White Angel said...

It is a very interesting thought and there are many agencies which provide care giving training services to domestic help as well. We are such a service provider and have also created a few videos demonstrating care. You can search for us on youtube as whiteangelcaregivers.

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