Belligerent Japan and the evil Empire

Tension in East and Southeast Asia is mounting with the return of the Americans and its pivot to Asia military policy. Though its official comment is to remain neutral and not to be involved in the disputes between the countries in the region, covertly it is more than obvious that the Americans were behind the rising tension by agitating and coaxing its proxies to confront China and North Korea. Japan and the Philippines have taken on a very belligerent stance against China and the North Koreans that they would otherwise be more cautious, particularly the midget Philippines.

The rest of the Asean state, with Vietnam now adopting a less hostile position, are walking on tight rope trying not to take sides and ended as pawns in the big powers’ chess board.

By far Japan is the most belligerent of the lot, even threatening to take pre emptive strike against the North Koreans like they used to do during Imperial Japan. Let’s hope they carry out the threat and let the North Koreans dispense a few nuclear bombs over Japan to mean business.

The Japanese threat is not play play. Abe repeated it in Washington when he met Obama. And very likely they have tested water with China that found it serious enough to pay a visit to Russia to get an assurance that should it happen, both Russia and China would take the side of the North Koreans. Not sure if the South Koreans would allow their historical enemy to obliterate their brothers and sisters in the North. It would be so pathetic if the South Koreans would to allow the Japanese to kill Koreans again or even join forces with the Japanese to kill their own brothers and sisters.

With regards to China, the Japanese are increasingly getting more hostile and provocative, buying out China’s islands, chasing Chinese civilian ships and aircraft and increasing its military budget to add more military ships and aircraft in the disputed area. It even made demands to China like in the 19th and 20th centuries and calling China belligerent as if it was the good boy being oppressed by China. Abe said it would not tolerate China’s attempt to take back Diaoyu Islands. This was the same kind of Japanese rhetoric in the past when they bullied China and invaded China. China and the Chinese people would not take this lying down. The truth is that Japan is still occupying Chinese territories, chasing Chinese civilian ships and arresting Chinese fishing boats.

The Japanese are doing all these with the US behind the picture, thinking that the combined force could threaten and bully the Chinese and the latter would not be able to retaliate. They still believe that the Chinese would let them run wild in China.

The Americans will conveniently fly the American defence treaties with the Japanese and the Philippines to tell the Chinese they will come in if China would to act. The Americans think the Chinese will not act.

And they blame the Chinese for raising tension and become more assertive and belligerent. The Chinese have so far only laid claims to those that are rightfully theirs, those that were seized when China was a weak country. On the other hand, young upstart like the Philippines that only became a country a few years ago wanted to lay claims to territories that the Chinese have claimed long before the name Philippines was even known.

Who are the real trouble makers, the belligerent ones? The Chinese will fight the Americans when forced to. They have done that in Korea and supported the Vietnamese risking a direct confrontation with the Americans in the Vietnam War. The Chinese even openly declared that they would defend Iran if the US launches an attack against it. They would do so if the Japanese and the Americans would dare strike North Korea. So too would the Chinese fight the Americans if they are provoked to defend their territories in the East and South China Seas. The Americans know this.

The Americans and the Japanese are playing with fire together with some Southeast Asian countries in trifling with the new China.


Anonymous said...

Most likely US will gang up with jipons and pinoys and ahnehs. Since they like to play dirty, the chinese will also play dirty with them.

Anonymous said...

If such a disaster occurs, half of population of asia may be gone. Everyone should not start a war.

Anonymous said...

In that incident, evil empire can break up 2 big countries in asia and remain as the supreme power for a long time to come.

denk said...

*I fail to see that it is not in the Australian interest to see the Chinese and the Indians at each other's throats*

now u know why i say fukusA

the anglos have been playing this *divide n conquer* scam for centuries

Anonymous said...

Only last week the Russian sent their strategic bomber TU95 to circle Guam. Dont remember seeing this piece of news in local media.

USA pivot to pacific seems to agitate the polar bear too.

US, Australia and Japan were having air exercise. SKorea as observer.


denk said...

as murikan frontline ally, sg would've the honor of housing 4 of these babies...awesome.

many of those military enthusiasts would have the chance of a lifetime to gog at murikans latest killer bot

Anonymous said...

The US Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is to be deployed here soon. On the way here this Friday.

700 km sq is getting involved or dragged into this Supermacht Spiel -superpower game ?

Anonymous said...

Now we can punch above out weight.

denk said...

sg is now a legit target for china

denk said...

*Using electric pulses, not chemical explosives, the ‘rail gun’ can shoot a 40-pound metal slug from New York to Philadelphia at up to 5,600 mph — more than seven times the speed of sound — with 32 times the force of a car traveling at 100 miles per hour*

fujian could be vaporised before they know what hits them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

War between the super powers is inconceiveable and no longer an option. The destructive power each possesses is too frightening to even imagine. They can only conduct war against smaller countries that cannot hit back.

It is unlikely to have wars among the super powers no matter how crazy they can be.

denk said...


fukus is xiao
*"We have no capability to fight a conventional war against the United States," he said. "We can't win this kind of war." And so China would deliberately escalate to nuclear weapons: "We Chinese will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all the cities east of Xian. Of course the Americans will have to be prepared that hundreds of their cities will be destroyed by the Chinese."

In reality, China has no ability to destroy "hundreds of cities" in the United States - it might manage one or two, with luck - whereas the US could easily destroy every Chinese city east of Xian, and all the ones west of it, too.

But no Chinese general has talked like this since Mao's time, and it isn't happening now because the crazies have taken over in Beijing. It's happening because the decision-makers in Beijing think that the crazies have taken over in Washington, and are trying to draw most of Asia into an anti-Chinese alliance. There is a good deal of evidence to suggest they are right. *

denk said...

BMD encourages Nuclear First Strike

*With even a primitive missile defense shield, the US could launch a first strike attack against Russian or Chinese missile silos and submarine fleets with less fear of effective retaliation; the few remaining Russian or Chinese nuclear missiles would be unable to launch a response sufficiently destructive.

During the Cold War, the ability of the Warsaw Pact and NATO to mutually annihilate one another had led to a nuclear stalemate dubbed by military strategists, MAD—Mutually Assured Destruction. It was scary but, in a bizarre sense, more stable than what would come with a unilateral US pursuit of nuclear primacy. MAD was based on the prospect of mutual nuclear annihilation with no decisive advantage for either side; it led to a world in which nuclear war had been ‘unthinkable.’

Now the US, with BMD in Europe against Russia and in Asia against China, is pursuing the possibility of nuclear war as ‘thinkable.’ That is really and truly ‘mad.’*

denk said...

war street journal's big shot barry wain, certified china basher, is now very high up in the *shit times*, they also have michael richardson, another china baiter from iht, plus brahma chellenay from india n many others. dont forget the *local talents* like william choong, peh shin hue etc, often outshinning the angmohs n ahnehs in china bashing.

see how sg has been taken over ?

oh, whats hot in the *shit times* lately.....*china's cyber war on fukus* [sic]

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China was the first country that thrashed the Americans in conventional warfare in the Korean War. Divisions of American troops, including crack Marines were ambushed by poorly equipped and poorly armed PLAs and ran for their lives, not before suffering heavy casualties. If not of the Chinese, North Korea would have been history. They were overran by MacArthur and driven across the Yalu River.

Today the PLA is modern and fully equipped. When the Americans could not lick the poor PLA in 1950s, you think they could take on the modern PLA? In modern military history since the Korean War, America had been defeated in all the major wars they fought. Forget about the hype of super Marines, Arnold Swazerneggar or Sylvestor Stallone.

The PLA fought every war from the Korean War and came out victorious.

In nuclear warfare, the US is superior in many ways. But not to worry, any American ICBM silo that opens its hatch will be known. And if any is fired, all the Chinese ICBMs will also be fired. The Chinese could not take out hundreds of American cities. They only need to take out 20 or 30 will be good enough.

The Americans really did not know how advanced the Chinese satellite defence system is and how effective will the Chinese be able to disarm or jam the American electronis which will cripple the flight plans of all their missiles.

It is a very complex warfare that the superpowers are second guessing each other's capabilities.

The Chinese will give the Americans a run for their money in any conventional warfare. The Americans know.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just to add, the American ICBMs are control by satellites. The Chinese have told and showed the Americans that all their satellites will be taken down the moment hostility is declared.

Anonymous said...

US is dangling the F-16 C/D, new Patroit missiles, attack chopters etc to Taiwan recently.

People say it is in response to China new weapons J-10 that spurred the F-16 C/D option.

US govt under certain Taiwan Relation Act need to protect Taiwan wo!

And to always re-balance of power wo !

So every time China upgrades, US govt would sell better weapons to Taiwan whilst making billions for its military complex ??

Anyway some Taiwanese says F-16 CD is longer good enough by the time they take delivery of the jets should the deal be approved by the US.

Some suggest their F-16 AB should upgraded instead and there after buy F-35.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When Taiwan reunite with China, the Taiwan Act will be used to protect China also.

denk said...

there was no tw *crisis* before fukus meddling,

there was no scs, ecs *crisis* before fukus instigation.

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