$600,000 lifetime payouts cum benefits for Singapore citizens

This is the number that is being paraded as the amount a young Sinkie couple with two children will receive from the Govt. In many countries, such an amount is equivalent to a very rich man. But in Sin City it is nothing, and the amount is only subsidies or handouts from the Govt. I am sure many people from across the world will be salivating on this news. Singapore is indeed a very rich country and the Govt is giving away money, plenty of money, to its citizens.

Why would anyone not be rushing to be a citizen here? And why would a Sinkie be unhappy with the new citizens who are likely to receive a fair amount of this $600,000. You get paid generously to be a Singapore Citizen. Why would a Govt give away so much money to new citizens who barely live in the island, pay the taxes or contribute much to the country?

Hear already angry liao. Our Govt so generous with giving away our money to new citizens. Now you know why the true blue citizens are angry. It is not just citizenship and the rights to the normal privileges of citizenship but big money in the forms of big subsidies plus outright cash.

Shouldn’t the Gov’t be more discriminating in who to take in and how much to give to them taking into consideration their contributions and length of residency? And with this type of money the Govt is giving, it should advertise it in the international media and there will be a very long queue of foreigners wanting to come here. Then the Govt can pick and choose only the deserving ones, plus stating all the conditions out front, like NS and if abscond, must return the subsidies and benefits. Can’t be giving all the money away for nothing right? There is no free lunch and no charity to Sinkies, why to foreigners who turn new citizens?


Anonymous said...

To ensure they stay in power for "more good years"..the payout is peanut

Anonymous said...

RB i think the correct term is Handout & pseudo subsidies

Nicole Tin said...

In my estimated citizen-ownership income, there is more than enough to pay each citizen $9,000 a year. For a person who lives till 80 years old, that will be $720,000. For a family of 4 persons, that will work to $2.880,000 over their lifetimes.

Even if this low income family manage to get $600,000, they would be shortchanged by $2,280,000. This is the hidden and unjust tax on the wealth that is co-owned by all citizens.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There seems to be so much paper money floating around but somehow the poor are still getting poorer.

If converting these sums to rupiah or rupee, my god, the recipients will be rich like hell.

True blue Sinkies should feel cheated that new citizens should enjoy such largese like instant gratification. Just sign up as a member of Sin City and be rewarded.

The money given is public money, the citizen's money. Why give to foreigners just because they get a pink IC?

If true, must be true, $600k is no small sum. The shortchanged part is even bigger like Nicole said.

Anonymous said...

It's another PAP govt idiosyncrazy again!
Remember years back, Singapore's famous Lee-der once said : "Nothing is for free in this world, including the air that you breath"!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a father of 2 kids, 15 and 13. To raise the household income, I ask them to work part-time for me. I pay them per hour based on what I paid my Indonedian maid. And to support my own expenses, I charges them 200 rental a month each for the room they sleep in and constantly reminded them that I am subsidising on their existance in the tune of 300 a month cos I could have rented the room out for 700. Am I not a good father? The above story is not true, just replace I, with the current government, kids as the common people, maid as the FT, household as the country and you see the picture.

A lot of costs in Singapore are self imposed and for whose benfits we will never know. Taxes, licensing fees, GST, High Rentals, High COEs etc. The so called subsidies and rebates are not real cash. Just less profiteering, thats all.

Suppose the government decide to use 10 units of 4 room flats in a HDB block as a polyclinic. Which costs like 400k to build and they contribute 2 toyota as ambulance which costs 15k each to buy. In actual fact they spent a grand total of 430k. But according to accounting, they use the resale price of 450k for each 4 room unit and 120k for each car. So they "spent" a total of 4,740K to build the polyclinic for the neighbourhood and use the figure to justify charging higher fees to recover the cost. It's because of the high cost that you need subsidies, but in the first place, the "high" costs are not real and self inflicted.

Rental is killing Singapore, not shortage of Labour.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You said it simple and clear.

Anonymous said...

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