We are so sorry

We are so sorry that we have messed up the public housing programme and many people have suffered because of the bad decisions. Our biggest mistake was to sell off the 10,000 excess units when we knew that the number of new immigrants coming in was so huge that the stocks would not even be enough. We knew, and please, don’t ever think that we did not know. Our system was so efficient and we had all the top scholars in all the departments and it was ludicrous to think that several hundred thousands of new migrants were arriving on our shore and we did not know, that we could be sleeping!

Yes, we made a very serious mistake by deciding to get rid of the stocks in double quick time. And yes, we compounded the problem by not building new flats and insisting that new building programmes would only be launched when the order book was full. And we were too arrogant, ruthless and uncaring to dictate that ‘take it or leave it’, the new flats would only be ready in 4/5 years time. The people who could not wait, it was their problem, not ours.

And the confluence of events and data, we had all the statistics, influx of new immigrants, young people coming of age and getting married, number of pubic housing needed and how long it would take to build, and how many units must be built every year to meet the demand. But we did not do the necessary. We did the reverse. Please don’t ask why. We cannot tell.

We are very sorry that many people are badly affected, financially affected by our ill conceived housing policies and regulations. We know that many are still not able to buy a flat direct from the HDB. And if they do, the prices would have gone up several folds and it would be very hard on them. We also are very sorry to those that were kicked out of the public housing system and now presumably too rich to buy HDB but too poor to buy private properties and hanging between the devil and the deep blue sea. And we know that they would not have the chance to ever buy a public flat as their income would have exceeded the ceiling determined by HDB. Even as we ramp up the building from 25,000 to a record 27,000 this year, nothing will change the fate of these people.

And no, we are not responsible for the shit they are in now. We will not admit any mistake on our part. How can we do that? We are incapable of making this kind of silly mistakes that cannot be made even by a 18 year old kid. Too embarrassing if we were to say so and it is not possible to unwind the situation now, and to bring down the high property prices. We know the prices were not affordable but we insisted that they were. What can you do about it?

You losers would just have to live with it and for those who fell victims, well, it is water under the bridge. Don’t call us. We know but we are not going to do anything about it. Neither would we apologise for it. We are sorry? You must be joking.

The apologetic part and the ‘we are sorry’ part, are all my imagination. Nothing of this sort will happen. Saying sorry is not a practice here. I stand corrected if anyone can contradict my statement and say yes, so and so said sorry for creating the big mess and hurting so many people, not only financially, but their whole lives, to spend more time working and saving and ended no time to get married, to have babies or start a family.

Actually there was no mistake at all, and no big mess. Everything happened the way it was supposed to be, very well executed by the best talents available. That is why there is no need to say sorry. No mistake how to say sorry? And if I am not mistaken, the policy makers could be duly rewarded for doing an excellent job, maybe even awarded with public service medals.

Now 27,000 units and the problem is getting worst, the prices are going higher. Just pretend to cry over spilt milk without meaning it. We are an inclusive country. But for those that were screwed by the bad housing policies, the inclusivity does not apply. Even if they are first timers, it will not apply to them too and they will not be allowed to buy direct from HDB. It is their faults.


Anonymous said...

We are an inclusive country. But for those that were screwed by the bad housing policies, the inclusivity does not apply. Even if they are first timers, it will not apply to them too and they will not be allowed to buy direct from HDB. It is their faults.

I like these words.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is unhappy. It is only a few bloggers writing and making noises. Our policy is never wrong. Those unhappy can leave and happy ones can come in. Our policy is the best in the world! Others are
learning from us. You must be joking that we are wrong. If we are wrong, why did the people voted for us. We can go on and on but in the end we are never wrong.

Anonymous said...

Sorry alone is no amend
neither shud Sinkies be
happy with just an apology.

They shud not vote for rulers
tat keep exploiting them.
A regime change will cause
change to take place.

Action is needed, not jus utterance.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone has ever say sorry or apologise for the housing mess or to those people who suffered because of it. Pity those that still have no place to call home and forbidden to buy public housing but to empty their savings to buy private housing.

How to make babies? Want them to defend this island?

Anonymous said...

One Minister is definitely laughing all the way to the bank with the ramping-up of BTOs. HDB will be making tons of $ and for sure the "profits" will be shared as "performance bonus"!.
The simple economics of Demand & Supply is totally disregarded. What's the point of increasing the supply of BTO flats when the PAP govt has NOT curb the mass influx of "foreign demand"!!!.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If you cannot be happy in Singapore, you are the one with the problem.

WTF? Singapore is one of the most rocking places in the world to "get shit done" and to enjoy the fruits of your productive enterprise whilst paying minimum possible amounts in govt taxes, and spending minimum time adhering to govt. regulations.

The more you cry for sympathy, the more the average, productive, mind-my-own-business, live-an-let-live, apolitical/ politically apathetic, selectively-ignorant person will NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK about you.

"Show not the world your wounded finger" -- Baltazar Gracian

The more you complain about your problems, the more you alienate yourself. EVERYONE (without exception) has "problems". Why the fuck do you think you are "so special"?

Got depression yet?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are finally right on something. Sinkieland does not need Sinkies. It needs foreigners who do not bother about anything except a job and his paycheck.

Anonymous said...

I do not know why the PAP is doing so little about drastically lowering the housing prices. Not doing so is very populist, something they don't like to be.
So lowering prices is right up their policy alley. They could just bring prices down to what they were 10 yewrs ago and we could move forward from there.

Anonymous said...

No use talking to them. Their deadset policies are all cast in stone - housing, immigration, transport and even choosing sucessors. All that talk about listening and conversing is all a load of shit.

Matilah Singaporeans!

Anonymous said...

Complain cannot be happy meh? What you talking? Not happy with one thing means not happy with everything meh?

Your life so simple, complain about one thing so not happy liao!

Anonymous said...

Sorry no cure.
Vote Opposition got cure.

Anonymous said...

It took Apple's CEO only 1 week to admit a mistake.

Apple CEO: Agreed, We Blew It With Maps

Contrast with our Millionaire Ministers.
Who never admits a mistake.
Except to say; "tweak", "re-calibrate" and etc.

Anybody here still think they are worth the millions we (or rather the old goat) is paying them?

Anonymous said...

Wah! Only 1 week, and Apple's CEO says sorry.

Did not even have a National Conversation with consumers to find out what consumers want in the next 10 years.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Apple Inc is a private enterprise -- private property used to generate outcomes for stakeholders -- i.e. it makes mistakes, it pays for it somehow in the market. All stakeholders bear a cost.

Government is a criminal enterprise. It makes a mistake, citizens end up paying, and worst still pay for the cost of fixing the cock-ups. However, fair is fair: The People Get The Government They Deserve

As the old saying goes -- the one which HIGHLIGHTS THE BENEFITS of NO FORGIVENESS:

Sorry no cure

Tomas said...

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