Low Thia Khiang won Hougang

After the Hougang by election, Low Thia Khiang lashed out at the media for biased reporting in favour of the PAP. This has elicited an editorial reply in today’s ST. The paper denied any unfair practices at all and in all purposes, have reported fairly, given both parties equal coverage and treatment. Low Thia Khiang’s remarks were thus unfounded.

What is interesting is the comment that Low Thia Khiang more or less single handedly won Hougang for the WP. He is so charismatic and the people were drawn to him, loyal to him, and Hougang was his. KNN, Teo Chee Hean not charismatic meh? Auntie killer Desmond Choo not charismatic meh? And Hsien Loong and Boon Wan all not charismatic meh? All the PAP’s charisma not good enough against that of Low and lost the by election. Wah Lau eh.

We have a Singapore idol in the making in Low Thia Khiang, the most charismatic leader that outshone all his opponents combined. He won the election because of his charisma. Aljunied will be with him for as long he wants it. And another few GRCs will go to him in the next GE when he appears on stage. Finally Singapore has thrown up a real charismatic leader, and rightly he should be good enough as the next PM.

Now that the election is over, let’s go back to deal with more formidable issues like population, immigration, housing and transport, upgrading and widening income gap. Actually, to me these are non issues. They are all self created and inflicted issues, petty issues that need not be issues at all. Who insists on bringing more immigrants? Who refused to build more public housing? Who increases the load on the transport system or what are the causes of transport woes? They are caused not by external factors. What about widening income gap? Caused by external factors, cannot be helped, must be like that because this is progress?

Maybe we should give the charismatic leader and his team a chance in the next GE to solve these formidable problems. Low Thia Khiang should start to recruit a good team to prepare for such an eventuality now that his charisma has been acknowledged and a force to be reckoned with.


Anonymous said...

States Times editor and Ms Chua mh better carrot you with kopi. Elephants can also be shy.

Agreed, self inflicted policies but certainly serve some big egos economic n political interests well.

Anonymous said...

Th best way to train a co-driver is to let him alternate driving duties with the current driver.

We want a two party political democracy.
When one party fails in its political self renewal, at least we have another equally capable party to take over the reins of power.

An aeroplane flies better with two wings.
An eagle with only one oversized wing tends to run around in circles like a turkey.
Looking very much like an extinct dodo.

Anonymous said...

"Grooming" is a failed policy.
"Grooming" does not work.

You are just training young people to repeat bad policies and ideas from old folks who have lost touch.

Let the young develop themselves and learn from their own mistakes.
This is how you make real leaders.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Please don't forget the contribution of Vellama Muthu to the by election.

Anonymous said...

What can we expect the editor to say?

Yes, I am guilty. I take responsibility and resign.

Only in dreamland.

Someone even allege that a grassroot instructed a journalist how to write his report.

Perhaps the so called chief editors don't know what is happening on the ground?

Anonymous said...

Hello, LHL already said he cannot manage if there are too much opposition members in parliament. So we need a total change in leadership for this to work.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is an old saying, just keep doing what is right and everything will fall into place. But if one spends time trying to fix the opposition instead of doing the right thing, then what will go wrong will go wrong.

As I have said, the by election is part of a bigger scheme of things. PAP has been given a generous time to heed the warning to change for the betterment of the people. And there is still time to do the necessary.

Anonymous said...

The duty of the incumbent is to fix the opposition. Which incumbent lay the red carpet for the opposition ? You must be joking redbean...

When I say fix, I mean highlighting facts about the candidate which voters may not be aware of, I think that is fair.

Anonymous said...

It means getting a copy of a confidential meeting to wave around and calling the opposition candidate dishonest lah.

Anonymous said...

Demolish wet market then promise to build wet market. No upgrading then promise upgrading got count or not?

Anonymous said...

Facts about the candidate must be laid bare. You mean you were not interested in Png's integrity no matter what ?

Anonymous said...

Want to lay bare the cost of building HDB flats?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yep, transparency applies both ways. Honesty, righteousness, fairness etc must be applicable to everyone, not selective honesty, selective transparency etc etc.

Anonymous said...

It is more efficient to have faulty ones replaced than having them repaired.

Anonymous said...

The govt has no responsibility to lay bare the cost of building HDB flats. You like, you buy, don't like, you can always buy private, nobody force you to buy HDB. You can always dont take the subsidy too if you find it too little.

WP can sell HDB for 20% or 40% less whateevr, anyway it is your money WP is taking to fund it, and your children's money. In fact WP can promise you anything.

Anonymous said...

Is this the official position?

This is the kind of arrogance and taking the people for granted that caused them to lose Hougang and more to come.

Anonymous said...

Well done anon 3:19. This is the way to talk to the losers.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must admit that Anon 3:19 has a good point. This is the best govt and this is how it works. If the people don't like it, just too bad. Not happy, move out.

Incidentally, Anon 3:19, you must be a party member or a party spokesman, and this is the position of the party.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, I think he is here to stir anger against the govt. He is doing damage to the party while pretending to speak for the party.

Please don't believe in this troll.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think so. He better stop such negative antics.

Anonymous said...

You oppies have such a siege mentality, that I must be from the establishment just because I support the govt. You guys are unhappy for whatever reason,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 4:36,
My advice to you is not to go on posting this kind of things. You are directly damaging the image of the party/govt by framing them as arrogant, insolent and uncaring people.

You are not supporting the govt. You are discrediting the govt.

Anonymous said...

I am free to voice my opinion as a citizen where I see fit. My opinion has got nothing to do with govt's position.

I see citizens becoming more and more demanding, selfish, uncouth, irresponsible, to the point of destructive, that despite what the govt has done, it will never please this group of people who will become more demanding until this regime is changed. This blog has been all about damaging the current ruling party, supporting regime change, supporting Bersih, supporting blindly whatever calibre people as long as they oppose the govt.

With the dominant party gone, you think you can then hop on to the right side of the economic growth? It will be one party fighting with another political party. Some intellectuals will join WP, some will join TJS, some NSP wahtever and fight from there. You are in fact, destroying whatever chance your children have of hopping to the right side.

Anonymous said...

CMH really piss me off with her piece 'Hougang speaks, but for itself' headline.

Does she really thinks that
Singaporeans will be fooled by her hammering on this fact and that voters in other constituencies will not follow? How did Aljunied GRC fall, may I ask, if not for the spillover effect.

Then, there is the oft repeated argument that Hougangers voted the way they did because they are loyal to Low T.K. and will therefore desert the WP once Low is not there. Really?

Low does have lots of influence on the way Hougangers vote, but there is more to it. Do not just look on the surface. Deeper in Hougangers' hearts there is a deep-seated hatred for the PAP. That hatred is built up over the years of unfair treatment at the hands of the PAP and will not dissipate just so easily. It is like a child that a parent has turned against and he will never return home.

You have to go down to the coffee-shops and hawker centres to get a real idea of the situation. The feedback will tell you it is vastly different from the kind of feedback they try to gather at Community Centres, Clubs and dessiminated by the MSM.

patriot said...

"I see citizens becoming more and more demanding, selfish, uncouth, irresponsible, to the point of destructive,", unquote.

Why does citizens have to behave liked You described? Or are You biased?


Gintai_昇泰 said...

Yup! Agreed! After more than 20 yrs as an MP, he has certainly honed his skills. Esp his Teochew. I'm a Teochew so I understand perfectly what he said. Very acerbic and can't be translated to English. Loses its meanings once it's translated to English. For example how to translate, "Ah Gar Ah Gar zhē hou!" meaning let's be moderate or moderation. Don't force force us to extreme something like that. Langgar!

Anonymous said...

"..supporting blindly whatever calibre people as long as they oppose the Govt" unquote

I believe only cronies, apple-polishers, boot-lickers and testicle-carriers support blindly to reap rewards when their party continue to stay in power.

Opposition supporters crave not for such rewards, hence the talk of supporting blindly is irrelevant. If they wanted rewards, Hougangers would have voted for the ruling party. Why didn't they?

Now, if this blog has been all about damaging the current ruling party etc, what may I ask, is the MSM doing the last 40 years? And why is our 'Shitty Times' ranked at the bottom of the ladder globally?

In any case, no one puts a aword to your neck to force you to frequent this blog, even though you are free to voice your opinion, but not to brand others as 'selfish, uncouth and irresponsible'.

Those that prefer to come to this blog knows what the MSM is up to, and that is why, unlike you, we avoid it.

That, my freiend, is the difference between you and us.

Anonymous said...

Just ignore him. He is a crazy boy.