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When angels speak…

The angels are up in arms to protect the oldies. They are all claiming that health insurance for the oldies is not enough. The cost of healthcare for the oldies is just too high and the payout of Eldershield, another automatic compulsory scheme that I just heard of, unless one opted out at 40 from his Medishield, is paying only half of what is needed. And the insurance man roared in approval. Yes, yes, not enough. The govt must do more and provide the direction…for more insurance?

First thing, why is healthcare so expensive? Why is the cost not coming down especially for the oldiers? If the cost is not coming down, who can afford to pay an insurance premium that is running along with higher medical cost, like two devils waltzing happily to the tune of The Last Waltz?

The second point is that many simply cannot afford to pay and pay. With so many big ticket items, high cost of living and expenses, high protection money locked up in CPF, where got money to pay for more insurance and more premiums? And oldies got no income you know.

The third point, please lah, many oldies’ lives are already so miserable that there is no need to prolong their agony and suffering on earth. Many would long to die and go to heaven. What more health care and more money to perpetuate their misery?

What is the real problem? What should be done? It is not a money problem. It is only a money problem for those who sees money to be made and the poor buggers, all with pockets already empty, are being targeted to pay more when there is heaven waiting. Why stop these oldies from going home to be with the Lord?

The expensive insurance schemes to take care of oldies till they are one hundred years old should be personal, individualized and never be compulsory or across the board. For those who are living a life of heaven on earth, go and ask them to pay more for their precious life. Leave those who cannot afford it to live in peace and return to the Lord soonest. Don’t rob them again when they are all dying and waiting to go home.

When angels are out to help, be frighten, be very frighten.


Anonymous said...

Each able working graduate should adopt one citizen oldie as a form of charity. At least help to supplement or pay for his/her health insurance premium

Matilah_Singapura said...

A case of misguided compassion. Good intentions, with disastrous consequences.

When the old fuckers were young an able the attitude was: "Fuck em. Tekan them. Tax them"

Now old and pitiful: "Oh so poor thing...let's help them".

Human beings have insanity built into their software. It's not a design flaw -- it's a feature

Anonymous said...

RB , Seriously ..... another nail in the coffin for CPF. Just watch how day light robbery gets its new coat of nobility. Amen. May our CPF rest in peace.... kenna SAI !!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

All oldies and Sinkies should sing, 'There goes my everything....'

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are very lucky. They got the govt everyday thinking on how to help them. And there are also many angels out there trying to help them as spend all their monies.

Anonymous said...

yes...high paying civil servants,principals,teachers,doctors,lawyers,businessmen and army and police officers etc....instead of screwing underage whores with your easy money, surely you can spare some for the elderlies insurance who helped to establish a fertile ground so you can be rich enough to screw holes?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm from the government,
I'm here to help you.

Matilah_Singapura said... old Ronald Reagan gag!

Enjoy some blues, yeah man...