The pathetic pictures of dogs

Last week I remember the pictures of some of the best fighting dogs published in the media. They were mainly pitbulls, kept primarily for fighting, in some corners of Indonesia. The sight of these dogs was pathetic. Each was chained to an empty oil drum which doubled as their kennels. And the most unpleasant and unexpected, they were so under fed that the rib cages were showing prominently.

How could these fighting dogs fight when they were looking more like greyhounds? And fighting dogs or fighting cocks are like footballs and gamblings. The owners should be able to give them a decent meal and also for them to gain strength to fight. They have to be fed well it they are to bite well.

Perhaps those were the losers or the aged, left to be forgotten, to live or to die. The good dogs and the champions would still be well fed and well looked after.

Feel very sorry for these dogs. In their heydays as pitbulls they must have worth a lot and received a lot of strokings from their masters. They could be growling all the way into the ring as if they were invincible, prized possessions of their masters.


agongkia said...

Some dogs are born to guard,some are born to be eaten ,some are born to fight and suffer.This is Karma so no need to feel pathetic.
To me fighting dogs and cocks could be someone in their previous life abusing their power and like to see suffering so they end up in this fate.So do more good deed.
I prefer to be a pet dog,can see my owner taking her bath everyday.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Dog fighting is a cruel and unnecessary activity. My opinion is heavily biased because I happen to like the animals we keep as pets.

That being said, I acknowledge the fact that some humans like animals for sport and gaming. For eg Greyhound racing is very popular here in Perth -- it is legal. Dog fighting is illegal, but it is still going on and the "industry" is growing.

The Indonesian example of fighting dogs is a poor one and reflects the lack of sophistication and organisation of a properly run enterprise.

In cuntrees like the US and Australia -- where dog fighting is illegal -- you'll find that the general case is that these fighting dogs are very well looked after. Why? Because they have to be fit to fight and win, and there are millions of dollars involved on the gambling side. These dogs are bred for fighting, for profit and ego...for money.

You are right: sometimes the old dogs are cared for, sometimes they are cast aside. Human nature, in fact nature is like that.

Each of us are only but one small expression of this on-going process called LIFE -- living evolves, then it dies or is killed as a source of energy for other entities to live, which are in turn killed and consumed by other species.

Although each of us is individually UNIQUE, no one -- not one single one of us or any other species is objectively SPECIAL.

Our very existence is due almost purely to CHANCE -- i.e. there is no intrinsic PURPOSE or underlying REASON for any of us being here.

After a fight however, the dogs, especially the losing ones look brutalised because dogs fights are and have always been BRUTAL.

If you are religious, you will no doubt vehemently disagree with what I've just written. But that is the purpose of religion: to deny reality, and to impart wishful thinking so that existence becomes "less scary".

For me, I prefer the cold, harsh, brutal truth. Then I can decide HOW I'll respond to it.

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. : There is no such thing as "karma". The nature of the universe is that there is a blend of determinism, unpredictability, and pure randomness.

You can be an absolute cunt -- murder, rape, pillage and lie, and still live an awesome life, simply by adopting a totally amoral and ruthless attitude. And nothing out of the ordinary will necessarily happen to you.

Anonymous said...

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Cum cum now. You have to do better than to tell me to "fuck off".

Enjoy a chocolate euchrist for easter!

Victor and Vanquished said...

do you mean Eucharist? matilah?

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Every dog has his day! Only mad dog and Englishman go under a mid day sun!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes. My typo. Eucharist. Eat chocolate jesus. Taste his ass ;-)

Anonymous said...

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