Little pest punching above its weight

The Philippines is showing how powerful it is as a naval power. It is sending its biggest warship, a piece of historical relic that survived the Pearl Harbour, to challenge China. It even warned China that it would retaliate if provoked. Wow, wow! That’s the way to show China how powerful it is. It threatened again to arrest Chinese fishermen and was stopped by Chinese patrol boats. It should have just sink the smaller Chinese patrol boats with its antique ship that the Americans have destined for the museum but probably given to them to challenge Chinese fishing boats.

And the Philippines is not stopping at that. It summoned the Chinese Ambassador to warn him that the Philippines is ready to defend its sovereignty. Hahahaha. Brave Filipinos. I think China will see its biggest military defeat when it fights the Philippines. China better be careful and scoot from the Scarborough Shoals before the Philippines navy arrest all its fishing boats. Don’t play with a big power like the Philippines. In another 100 years time the Phillipines will be building its own patrol boats to protect its territories.

Come to think of it, Singapore and Hongkong must also be careful as it would send its patrol boats to protect Filipino maids. South East Asia’s biggest military power on the rise.


Anonymous said...

Preease lah RB , dun need to point out the obvious :


Pinoy act big becos of Uncle Sam in the background lah

This is a showdown between China and US at the end of the day. Looking around geopolitics in the ASEAN , which one isn't ??

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you: )

Anonymous said...

Agree...with US backing..they can bark.

Anonymous said...

Not the US backing alone lah...but the entire world lah especially small countries like us will be very concern of big bullies.

moral of the story?

elephant can stamp on a tiger but sometimes it takes a rat to scare off the elephant

Anonymous said...

Not this kind of rat. Can't even deal with local insurgencies. Can't even build a sampan.

Anonymous said...

I wish we are involved in the Spratly spat. At least we will have a potential oil or gas field to defend, and make our red dot become a bigger black dot. You know, Singapore is the only country in SEA without any claims in the Spratlys. Even Brunei has a claim.

We spend 25% of our annual budget on defence : 4 submarines, 6 3000 ton corvettes, 24 F-15SG Strike Eagles ($68 million each), 20 Apache Longbows, and a host of others, all sitting pretty at home or in some obscure places, waiting for a phantom enemy.

We are not punching above our weight. We are not even punching at all. What kind of rat are we? LOL.

Anonymous said...

ho ho pinoy "good" at sing song entertainment and makan.

Anonymous said...

Talk is cheap. Sabre rattling is dramatic but cannot fool anyone.

The Chinese should take this opportunity to conduct naval war games and see if they can send this mickey mouse Pinoy warship to the museum where it rightfully belongs not by firing a shot but just sinking the damn sampan with the wake of it's naval fleet movement.

With all the excitement now on making money, it's high time we see some military conflicts around this area to liven up our lives a bit.

Anonymous said...

This all sounds a bit racists lah, is this really what Singaporeans are like? I hope the better education we have here can make us better Asian neighbors, not worse ones.

Anonymous said...

This proves what Redbean has been talking about racists. Only a racist will see everything as racist.

The Filipino challenge to the PRC is about gangsterism and hegemony in international politics.