From betrayal to betrayal

Were the Sinkies angry? Were their cries and pain heard and felt? The anger of a people feeling betrayed is beyond words. When foreigners came in drove ‘to help them’ and be treated like citizens with almost the same privileges, and more, yes more, whether the help was genuine or fake, it does not matter anymore. The Sinkies were simply pissed off and they want to make it counts. How could Sinkies be not allowed to buy public flats when foreigners can just by switching to pink ICs overnight? How could foreigners enjoy all the medical subsidies, education subsidies, national bonuses simply by becoming citizens but without the contributions and sacrifices of the original Singaporeans? Yes, the Sinkies felt betrayed.

But the PRs are now citizens? Another betrayal that insults the intelligence of the Sinkies. What is the point of cutting the subsidies for PRs now when most have already become citizens? Get the point? We can make do with PRs working here but not with more new citizens. We should not issue citizenships like toilet papers. What’s the difference if in spite of all the cuts in subsidies to PRs and more PRs exchange their blue ICs to pink ones? This is the real LPPL issue.

The cutting of subsidies to PRs is a new issue that will reek of betrayal if one is a PR. After all the praises and red carpet treatments, and a bloated mindset of coming here to contribute to the growth of this country and providing jobs or helping daft Sinkies, how would they feel now, with all the subsidy cuts? Would they feel equally betrayed? Many will start screaming ‘We will go to countries that will better appreciate us’ if there is one out there. The truth is that no country is so sick to dump their citizens in exchange for questionable unknown foreigners and treating them like gems.

The new joke now is that we have politicians calling for more distinctions between citizens and PRs and citizens must have more privileges, must be treated with greater respect, must be given priorities. Where have these politicians been? Were they sleeping and just had a rude awakening? Did they just realize that they have to serve Sinkies first and foremost? And the media will sing the same song and with more politicians singing the chorus. We will take care of Sinkies first. There will be more hugging and kissing of Sinkies from now onwards, I think.

I feel so pissed off that there is no point writing too much on this issue.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Cutting the subsidies for PR's was a bad idea -- a betrayal of a social contract. And btw, the PR pay taxes.

>> The new joke now is that we have politicians calling for more distinctions between citizens and PRs <

This is wayang created to fuck with the heads of the people, confuse them and disempower them further.

The worst thing is when there is a divide between foreigners and locals.

The Local Singapore Assholes don't see it this way. They see foreigners as "threats". No wonder the locals continue to get fucked over...its their own fault due to the way they think -- shallow, narrow, close-minded, TRIBAL, bigoted...and just plain irrational.

Serves you right, Singapore. :-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

The only "betrayal" I see is the betrayal from the people's own minds telling them that they are entitled to some mystical and magical "rights" for simply being ejected from a vagina on Singapore soil.

Anonymous said...

Would you dare to stand for election, GE2016.

We need your help before Singapore becomes a land of no culture.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hahaha, it did cross my mind. Then again, my body is full of warts and scars, and I have body odour.

To go to politics, one has to be clean, flawless, more than a mortal to be able to get through the acid test.

I think I can contribute by commenting on the developments and hope that people take it as positive feedbacks.

Anonymous said...

The Pro Alien Party are newbie politicians.
Only have experience starting from GE 2011.

Before that, they have been too well cocooned in a long drawn out mentoring process by Singapore's famous old man.

Anonymous said...

I can hear the PRs saying-----thank you Singapore for being so generous over the past years.

Anonymous said...

Gods make the beans naturally tribal, territorial, colourful, speak differently and sexually different.

The beans further the divides by creating superstitions, dietary habits and fashions.

And the politicians make all the above more complicated by making all sorts of rules to favour themselves. In doing so, betrayals are unavoidable.

Anonymous said...

What a joke :


The needs of our guests come first. Sinkie , please queue up like a 乖乖 . Until ah gong say u open mouth , then open mouth , if not just shut the phuck up and suck thumb.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Maybe the bulk of the biz of Starhub is contributed by foreigners. So it is natural as a biz practice to take care of their best customers.

But I don't think 3m locals contributed less biz than a few thousand foreigners.

Anonymous said...

MP Lam Min Pin now wants to help the poor PRs..for heaven's sake lah....if they can't afford to be here in sg, or refuse to be sinkie then they should go back to their original country to get aid or subsidy lah...why at expense of sinkies again?@#%*& What kind of fcucked up logic is that. How to feel shiok like that..

Anonymous said...


I think Dr Lam is following Baey's footstep..

Me already pay for myself healthcare, my children, and sometimes my parents..now you want me taxpayer to subsidize and pay for these lowly PRs? WTF !!!!

I think must freeze his pay for next 3 years at $15k then he come and talk about funding them.

Anonymous said...

Closing the gates after the horses have all run from the corral.. far too little and too late. Anyway you think there would even be any bother to do all this wayang if not for the erosion of votes at GE2011? Despite all this,its still wayang no real change in mindset...just smoke and thunderflash for the benefit of the hopefully ignorant masses...