Lady got hit – acid in MRT train

According to media reports, the woman boarded a SMRT train at Raffles Place on her way home and sat on an empty seat which appeared to be wet.

Thinking that the transparent fluid is water, the woman sat on it only to discover a stinging sensation to her buttocks. The pain got worse and worse and she eventually alighted at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station to check...

To her shock, she discovered her buttocks was ‘burnt’. On admission to the hospital, she was told she required skin grafting due to the extensive damage. The transparent fluid is likely to be highly concentrated sulfuric acid.


Is the above just an accident or something more ominous? The authority needs to get to the bottom of this. Someone must have seen who left the acid on the train seat. Pray that it was just a minor accident. If not, things could get nasty.


Anonymous said...

Hey, REAL or NOT??

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Confirmed, confirmed, confirmed. Got pictures of burnt buttock in the main media.

agongkia said...

Left or forgotten baggage cause panic.
Baby urine left behind can cause everyone panic.
Is our life worth so much?

Anonymous said...

What cock you talking? Go read the papers lah.

Anonymous said...

Sad.... but will likely not be the first.

Govt has been so focused on external threats, that they fail to look into internal threats

(Sound like WW2 British doesnt it?)

People can do serious damage as our MRT systems are so crowded

Anonymous said...

At least three times I saw some blood on MRT seats. I guess it must be menstrual blood from ladies. Once it happened when I saw blood on an empty seat when I took a train from Orchard Station to Raffles Place. I had to keep warning unaware passengers who wanted to take the bloody seat. On two other occasions I was riding from Kovan Station to Harbour Front. At least once I saw a lady stood up to alight and the seat which she just vacated was wet with fresh blood.

The question the public wants to know is can a member of the public press the emergency button to alert the MRT authority of the dirty soiled bloody seats so that the train concerned can be taken away immediately for cleaning, washing and sanitising in case the blood is contaminated with disease.

We hardly see train inspectors going on their rounds supervising. If at all you happen to see one, you are more likely to see him rushing away quickly from one end of the train to the other end with indifference.

It is time those highly paid officers be they minister of transport, chairman, directors or presidents or whatever roll up their socks and be more responsible. They should not just grow fat and waste tax payers' money.


Gintai_昇泰 said...

Hi Southernglory1,
The blood is not what you imagined. It's from those fresh meat bought by those Bangladesh workers. The blood is spilled out from the plastic bags.
There used to be "ticket inspectors" going around the MRT System to check and carry out enforcement actions. That was disbanded in order to cut costs on manpower.
You are not supposed to press the "Emergency Button". As the name suggests, it's for emergency only. If u want to complt, u can go to the passenger service centre at any station to complt. If u press the Emerg button, the train will come to a stop. It need to be reset before the train can move again. That will cause delay to the train and waste everybody's time. That us why only in cases of emergency then only you press that button.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Dumb bitch. "Every error is an error in THINKING".

Stupid, unchecked assumption: that the liquid was water.

Did she check?

Fuck no.

Like I said,

Dumb cunt.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Exactly. I blog on this. Pls check it out. Thks.

Anonymous said...

Not too sure about this... if that is acid, wouldn't it burn through the seat instead of staying on the surface of the seat?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Whatever that substance was, it caused a very bad rash/inflamation over a big patch on the woman's buttock. It was very ugly looking.

Anonymous said...

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