Daylight robbery

The robbing of motorists continues. We have not heard of the study by CASE on why motor insurance is going up and up like housing prices, despite motorists with clean no claim records and maxing their NCBs. Looks like it is thrown into the waste paper basket oredy. No political value and not worth looking into.

Today the oldies motorists are crying foul. They are going to be slammed with higher motor insurance premium because of their age. Did they say senior citizens should be treated with some respect? What about robbing them of more money? Why not, they are quite helpless. Just tell them they are old and more prone to accidents and it is only logical to make them pay more. A forum writer asked in his letter to the ST for statistical proof that oldies are more accident prone. I think he is asking for it. Statistics is the easiest instrument to bluff people with a little bit of juggling here and there.

Another intelligent reply from another forum letter by a William Tay caught my eye. He said these oldies can afford to drive expensive cars, why are they complaining about a few thousands more in insurance premiums? I love the logic. All those who can afford to buy big cars must pay more premiums. And oldies who can afford to buy big cars must pay lagi more because the cars are big and they are oldies. I second that with all my heart. I am going to give up my car and let the rich oldies go and pay and pay. It will be good for the GDP I supposed.

May I add a few more brilliant recommendations. Make oldies pay motor insurance according to their age, like 65 pays $6,500, 70 pays $7,000 or use the age as a multiplier. I really love the way I think. Maybe the motor insurance company can adopt my suggestion and allow me a free insurance for life. I am so brilliant.


Anonymous said...

I 70, very rich. I don't drive, my young driver does. So how?

I also 70. My young mei mei is driving me around. So how, must pay more also?

jjgg said...

Its an idiot attack!!!!! The sad thing is that our premier publication has found fit to publish this.....

agongkia said...

This is age discrimination lah.
As far as driving is concern,elderly people are less prone to accident.Whatever they ride on,whether on vehicles or meimeis.
How many orang tua can accidentally make meimei pregnant compare to the young ones?This simple logic should be able to proof my claim that orang tua are less prone to accident.Orang Tua should be paying a lesser premium in fact, to be fair.

Anonymous said...

Orang Tua(elderlies) accidentally inpregnanted meimeis. You must be joking. Orang Tua all very careful one! Whether fetching grand children or sleeping with meimeis, they take great care. One mistake and they will be in big trouble. Imagine meimeis wanting to have the old mans' fortune!

Those who look down on Orang Tua must be frowned upon, they deserve the wrath of the old folks.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi jigg, welcome to the blog.
I also orang tua. I thought my senior citizen's card will get a discount. Bloody hell, they want to rob me some more. Where is justice?

Many orang tuas oredy not working and still must pay more. Who is the clown who came out with this idea?

Actually orang tuas must not be allowed to own cars. They are no longer productive and should stay at home, on wheel chairs. They are adding to the demand for COEs, like higher income young people adding to the demand for HDB flats. How can, no working cannot buy cars. Only working orang tuas, contributing to the GDP can buy cars. If not working want to buy cars, must pay double COEs.

See, so easy to cheat orang tuas of their money. And of course motor insurance premiums must be doubled.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oops, it is jjgg. Now got proof that orang tua can make mistake. Must make them pay higher insurance premium: )

Anonymous said...

This country is not good for orang tuas, clear and simple. Just pause to consider:

HDB already cleaned out most of the CPF money of orang tuas.

CPF itself, in actuality, already confiscated or imprisoned the rest of the retirement savings of orang tuas. Starving to death will not move them to release some of your money for food.

Insurers are out to hantam orang tuas with higher premiums for healthcare and motor insurance. It is becoming unaffordable, same as what is happenning in USA.

Hospitals are just waiting to clean out medisave and savings of orang tuas. Can die but cannot fall sick hor!

Even Mei mei's out to clean out bank accounts of orang tuas.

In the end orang tuas have to work until they die to save again for coffin money. I cannot believe that orang tuas love to work as our Government, Union and MSM like to boast.

Pitiful, real pitiful!