How to grow our reserves?

It is a state secret how much of our reserves are CPF money, or the people’s money. Anyone has the figure? I think the CPF component is not small and could be a very substantial portion of our national reserves. And I find this very funny, and very painful. Why is it that the people’s money, your money, my money becomes the country’s reserve? Never mind, it is part of the economist’s formula, to include the people’s money as the country’s money for the govt to crow about while the real owners of the money can only cry about it.

With this in mind, the easiest way to grow the reserves is to make sure that there is more money in the CPF. How to do that? I think we all know the answers. I can make our reserves even bigger and tell you that it is safe, without telling you how much is there as long as the CPF account holders are happy with the monthly statements.

So, how rich are you? Or how rich is the country’s reserves? Your money or someone else money?

I am very frighten of people who claims to be able to grow the reserves.


Anonymous said...

This opaqueness surrounding the CPF monies is making me really nervous!

Is it really mine or is it the country's?

Anonymous said...

If CPF money is considered as the country's reserves, it must belong to the Government. Little wonder they are trying to keep it so tightly.

How could some people say that they feel so rich looking at their CPF statements every year. Morons!

Anonymous said...

>>How could some people say that they feel so rich looking at their CPF statements every year.

Sorry it's monthly statement for some

Anonymous said...

CPF for bonus has no limit. If the bonus is $3 million, the CPF is more than half a million. Multiply that by 20 years. Now you know why that guy can feel very rich looking at his CPF statement.