The Spirit of President Ong Teng Cheong

He was The President that wanted to do his job well. And he stood firmly on his belief, and did not waver under pressure. He gave up everything to live by the principles he believed in. He could have done otherwise and be better recorded in the history books of Singapore, and given a state funeral.

Today, there are not many glamorous reports or write ups of this son of Singapore, a great man, a highly respected President in the eyes of many Singaporeans. Many people have spoken very highly of him in private. Somehow there is a dearth of reports praising the works that he had done. An uncomfortable silence. Who knows, in the not too distant future, history may all be rewritten, and President Ong Teng Cheong will be elevated to the honourable and rightful place he deserved in the history of this island.

While the contest for the Presidency is hotting up, Teng Cheong should be remembered as the shining example of what an elected President is expected to be, and to be emulated. In the hearts of many Singaporeans, he was and is their President, and the best Elected President the country has ever had. He is the President that lives quietly in the hearts of the people. All Elected Presidents will be measured against Teng Cheong and whether they live up to his high standard of Presidency, or whether they live up to the Ong Teng Cheong Spirit.



Anonymous said...

After having been in the Party(PAP) for decades and helped to rule the people per PAP Style(Policy). He tried to repent, but unfortunately too late.

Anonymous said...

At least he tried repenting. Some will never repent even in the grave, and will still rise up to exert his evil influence.