Tiger Mums

There were several discussions on this phenomenon of so called Tiger mums and their extraordinary babies created under pressure hot house regime. The children turn out to be more than extraordinary. And the Tiger mums undoubtedly must be very proud of their achievements and the methodology applied in the process. I congratulate all the Tiger mums for their blessings for having some fine children. For parents whose children are lesser endowed or poorly endowed, please do not despair that your children would not turn out to be exceptional like the children of Tiger mums. Life is a gift, or a reason for it to be that way. Just live life and don’t feel down because one doesn’t have the blessings of Tiger mums. Every life is there for a reason. Every morning I met this auntie fetching her precious little girl to school. She has to help her as her ability to move is not normal. Nonetheless you can see the great love and devotion of a mother caring for her loving child. This little girl will not excel even under the best Tiger mum. The bus that came to fetch her is from a special school. The special is not meant to be extraordinary, extra brilliant. It means she needs special care. Mothers of special care children deserve more attention and recognition for what mothers do best, simply providing tender loving care for their children, against all odds. Never mind about no straight As. Life is not just about achieving straight As and not all children are gifted for that.


Wally Buffet said...

Tiger mums nurture tigress wives.

These children will grow to be unbalanced, uncreative, uncaring and probably just unreasonably ambitious wives. And the vicious cycle continues.

Fortunately for me, my daughters in law are not tiger mums. That's the way I like it to me. Let the children grown at their own pace. If they are gifted, they will find the right path. If not, no amount of hot housing, tiger inspired exhortation will achieve anything.

Fuck the tiger mums. They need a lion king in the house to keep them in line.

That's me.

Hehe. :o)

Anonymous said...

Those tiger mums better not be so cocky. If their children are not of the material, they will not only terrorise the children, but will go bonkers themselves when their expectations cannot be met no matter how hard they tried or the children were beaten to excel.

Just count their blessings and thank god that their children are born to be high achievers.

Anonymous said...

"Life is a gift, or a reason for it to be that way. Just live life and don’t feel down because one doesn’t have the blessings of Tiger mums. Every life is there for a reason". Unquote.

Lovely Statement and great too.

Btw, Degrees, Masters and PhDs are everywhere nowadays, soon they will be worth less than the expensive toilet papers.

The many foreign food stall operators probably gave up with schoolings(education) and ventured here to make a living. However, most are prospering and their families in their hometowns are living live(life) of plenty due to these adventurous and entrepreneurial aliens. Are these people less intellectual and of lower intelligence than graduates. Me thinks not, in fact me thinks they are cleverer by being realistic, practical and smart.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Many tiger mums are quite sweet. I could just see them in a Tiger Show with me as the "hero" :-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. I think many people get confused between "loving" a child and "spoiling" a child.

Anyway, it is good to have that confusion, as most parents reckon they wrote the book on life themselves and revel in their chance to be an "authority" figure.

Parents job is to fuck up their children by presenting an unrealistic view of the world, then hand over the kid to the state and/ or the church which add the "finishing touches", and by age 16-18 voila, the brainwashing is complete.

Now the child can vote. And it gets the government it deserves :-)