Robbing the silly Singaporeans

The silly Singaporeans, still thick in the head, did not know what had hit them. One year of inflation and hike in COE price have robbed them of at least one or two hundred thousand bucks. And yes, they are still oblivious of the fact and all are so happy. Oops, oops, if they are property owners, never mind, sitting on fat paper profits and belly feeling rich, feeling like a millionaire. For those who have to buy that car or that flat, they are as good as being robbed. How long does it take for the average heartlander to save $100k or $200k? How long does it take to save $50k to pay for that COE which is still going up and up? Maybe I am wrong. Singaporeans, including the heartlanders, are so filthy rich that another $50k or $100k is ‘sup sup suay’. Just pay and be happy to own that flat or that car. Hopefully their income will rise accordingly to make up for the losses due to inflation. Yes, inflation is the culprit. Don’t anyhow blame anyone hor.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah, think of it as "charitable donation".

If you don't pay "The Man", he gets upset and starts having a bad attitude.

Have an open heart and a charitable spirit lah. Give The Man his hang bao. New Year coming.

In this world, no money no talk.

Singaporeans are ok with money lah. They have the most expensive car ownership system ever devised by mankind, yet they still insist on buying cars and paying exorbitant ERP charges.

Relac lah. Singaporeans will manage. They always do, those selfless, generous souls.

Anonymous said...

With PAP incharge,
nothing will go amiss
in Sin.
Rest asssured!

Anonymous said...

45 years of silliness, what can you expect.

The silliness is only apparent when they start to compare. Truth is, ignorance is indeed bliss.

If they want to be robbed, why care? Let them enjoy the most expensive cars in the world.

agongkia said...

U all need not be silly.There are ways to handle inflation.DO not spent on the unnecessary.COE increase by ten times,you all only need to utilise the car 10 X more,travel 20 km instead of 2 km .Those who like to keep chicken as pet.,Other pay $80.U can pay $800 n bring them home..But make sure U play with the pet 20 Xs.U save 50 or 100% depend how U look at it.
Just make sure that the pet U bought home dun loiter at the balcony or swimming pool.

Wally Buffet said...

Hehe, even superman on a super viagra cannot play with the chicken 20 times.

Ah Gong, you're a real joker.

One thing though, we seniors can always ask for a senior citizen's discount.

But I like the part about travelling 20 times more because doing so will defeat their stupid COE ploy to supposedly control car population but we know the real reason is to rake in the mullah. If everyone cooperate and travel 20 times more, the city will be gridlocked all hell will break loose!

Anonymous said...

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