Calling all robbers and pirates

Do robbers and pirates have a heart? I mean a sense of compassion and charity? Would robbers and pirates, after robbing everything from their helpless victims, turn around and throw money to charity, to do community services, helping the poor? Historically many have done so in the past. The irony of robbers and pirates turning philanthropists have been written into story books, and some even made into movies. Some, after becoming very rich and successful, took on a clean image of very nice businessmen and socialites in high societies. Modern day robbers and pirates don’t seem to want to do much. They are more concerned with their own well beings than those they have robbed. Their greed is boundless. Or maybe they have not robbed enough. Even then, it is good to give a token back to society. Have a little heart, or pretend to have a little heart. It won’t hurt that much. No need to give the fortune away, just a few crumbs will do. The crumbs could mean a lot to those who have nothing or have little. And definitely the poor recipients will be very grateful for the charity. And I can assure them that it is a damn good feeling to give. But that is only the intangible part. For the believers, the more they give the more they will receive. Give until it hurts. Don’t worry, the return will be in many folds, 10 folds, 50 folds or 100 folds, just give, no need to think. I do want people to think who they are giving to. Don’t ever give to the rich or people who are in the business of profiting from your giving to become richer. Does that ring a bell?


Anonymous said...

One works hard, smart and or with craft to be rich and succedssful. To encourage others to be similarly hardworking, give not a cent. One needs not be charitable by giving, just stop cheating, fleecing or bullying others will do.
Let this atheist also says that some are born weak, wicked and lucky. All should accept their stations in life, change not the fates of others.
Btw, this atheist also happens to be one of the weaker one, no landed property, no car, no branded good and sometimes no money for cigarette and drink, old lowly educated and absolutely without talent.
Please offer me any help here.

Wally Buffet said...

Sinkapooreans are one of the stoopidest people that walks the Earth.

A prostitute, fucking around with our lax immigration policies, ostensibly works as an employee in the service industry but moonlights in sleazy night joints. She then sells her chastity and for some unknown reasons died. Crowds of stoopid Sinkapooreans jostle to donate, as if they don't have a care in the world, as if the high price of housing, cars and the deluge of aliens into the country taking away their children's jobs in the very near future isn't a worry enough. That's stupidity in the truest sense of the word.

It is not a scam certainly. It is more misplaced charity.

You do not need to bestow a fortune building a hospital or endow a hall of learning, naming it after yourself or your father to get that feel good sense of charity.

A simple act of buying a pad of tissue paper from an obviously destitue old lady in the hawker centre of Chinatown is enough to make you feel good.

A 10 dollar bill for a 20 cent pad of tissue is enough to bring a smile of gratitude from the old, toothless, wizened face that had seen a much better time in the foggy vision of the past.

This exchange is without fanfare or attention.

It is a one minute act of charity and compassion and you know that you've done your fair bit, within your means, for our less fortunate citizens who helped build this country and who has now fallen on hard times because of our avowed promise not to be a welfare state.

Charity truly begins at home.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Here we go with the totally unscientific "good vs evil" argument again.

Human beings act to achieve ends -- whatever those ends maybe. And humans -- the ONLY species with the ability to abstract and reason to a significant degree -- evolved their "morals" so that they could live together -- to ensure each other's mutual survival.

That being said...anything goes. Anything from esteeming and respecting others, to judging others and even killing them.

Have fun, because you are mortal.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Oh yes. "Charity" and "compassion" when given political power can be used to make laws FORCING everyone to be "charitable" and "compassionate".

A welfare state is nothing but enforced charity and compassion. At one time charity and compassion used to be so "pure" it came from the heart. Even the hardest, meanest person had that place where he could feel empathy for his fellow man's suffering and act in a way to render assistance -- completely voluntary, no "force" required".

Enter the welfare state: no need to wait on people'"goodness". Fuck that. That would mean people would have to think for themselves ... we can't have that.

Instead let us "institutionalize" charity and compassion and hand them over to The Government to manage, legislate and enforce.

Fuck, I hope some govt official somewhere gets assassinated soon. I need a lift in my spirits.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The hard-core science behind morality and human behaviour (no "god" required):

What Can Evolution Teach Us About Ourselves?

Anonymous said...

When robbers and pirates rob you, at least you know you have been robbed.

Modern day robbers and pirates rob you and sometimes you do not even know you lost your pants. They even call them 'talents' for sending you to the cleaners, legally and in black and white.

And to add insult to injury, they may even turn around and blame you for being foolish and naive for expecting too much.

Some who get rich by crooked means may think that doing charity will atone for their sins. If it is that easy to wash away your sins, who needs to do good?

Wally Buffet said...

Anon 10:18

I will gradly buy you a drink, in fact drink all you can plus I will arrange for a taxi driven by one of our out of job ex PMET to send you home.

I don't know about the cigarettes though. I don't smoke and I find the second hand smoke nauseating.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Mr Wally!
For the offers, You're most kind.
As a cigarette addict, the drinks will not be well complimented witout tobacco. My apology as I crave cigarette but can forgo drinks. So, I gather will not make good company to non-smoker.
A contractor friend used to have me for company for his drinking sessions and his favourite was Cordon Bleu. Somehow, he got me used to that but unfortunately he had gone home to his lord(he used to sleep with a bible under his pillow) for more than a decade. After that, I compromised with stout and beer. Due to low income, had cut down on them and make do with kopi and tea which are also rising in prices.
Wish could stop smoking becos the prices had been raised to ridiculous level. But that will take away a harmless, sinless pleasure out of my living and there will be little joy left for simple folks like me.
However, I am not soliciting for sympathy. The point I was making is that if fellow beans do not wickedly exploit others to enrich themselves, many will not need charity.
And it is laughable to me on those who exploited others to be rich and then give charity. Why do people knowlingly sinned and then seek to unsin themselves?

Anonymous said...

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