Another reason not to have babies

A 3 year old toddler had his thigh bone broken by a maid who was hired to take care of him. This piece of news was reported in the media several weeks ago. I feel so sorry for the poor child. There must be many children out there who were in the charge of maids and suffered pain and injuries, victims of maid abuses. And the parents had to be out earning a living to pay for the maid and hoping to bring up the child, to give the child a good home and a good life. It is not just brave but foolish, silly, to trust your children to a stranger, called maid. Do these parents feel any pain leaving their children to strangers while they could be battered or tortured in their absence? I can feel the pain for the poor children. This is another reason why it is difficult for young couples to bear children. It is very expensive. And if they are unable to take care of them full time, or with reliable help, it is torturing for both the parents and the children. A double income family has a huge social price to pay in parenting and bringing up children. When everyone has to earn a living, who is to look after the children, where is the normal family environment? Who says go forth and multiply? So easy meh? Please have a heart for the children and their parents. Not many can afford to bring up children and have peace of mind when the cost of living is so high. Don’t think having children is just for fun, for economic reasons. It is a life!


Matilah_Singapura said...

Talking nonsense.

Compared to many other cuntries, having kids in S'pore is a fucking breeze, and a whole lot cheaper.

Try raising children in your typical debt-ridden over-taxed, social-welfare western society.

Even with all that "government help" see if you have even $20 bucks left at the end of your pay period to buy yourself a burger and a beer. I doubt it -- chance are you'd be deeper in debt.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A system that bankrupts its people, no matter how much they are earning, is a screw up system. Govts that keep squeezing every penny from the people is asking for it.

So what if the salary is going up when one still ends up having nothing in the savings?

Singaporeans could have a lot of money in their retirement accounts. Now I think they know where their money have gone to.

Wally Buffet said...

Many dual income families leave their children with maids is not only because of the necessity to earn more to upkeep the family but also to the desire for the wife to work because they are professionals. It would be an absolute waste not only to the family but to the state if the wife being professionally qualified were to spend her days in the kitchen, keeping eye on the children and playing mahjong.

Maid abusing children is also only possible because there still exists very selfish grandparents who prefer touring the world and doing other unproductive things rather than taking care of their grandchildren. If they kept an eye, abusive maids is only a distant possibility.

Errant maids abusing children should be dealt with by the law rigorously. A deterrent
sentence must be meted out. I am still awaiting the outcome of the case of a supposedly under aged maid murdering a child under her charge. How come no news? Those maid agencies here and overseas, why are they not brought to book?

It is high time that maids from the poorer provinces of mainland China be allowed to work in Singapore to replace those from the Philippines or Indonesia who are now more costly to employ. Fuck them and the 17 agencies trying to profiteer from the situation.

Maids brought to work in Singapore are "raw". Maid agencies do not really train them as they are supposed to. It's all a scam. Where the fuck is the MOM? They are country bumpkins who can't tell the difference between a fridge and a washing machine. After two years of working in Singapore, these "trained" maids are ready to work in Hong Kong or Taiwan. They used us as a spring board to somewhere.

Sounds familiar? You're right! Many foreign trash who comes here does the same bloody thing and we the spider catching Sinkapooreans are really the suckers big time!

Hehe. :o)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The maids today are very different from the Ah Mah Chey. But times have changed. Professionals want to work to earn more bucks.

The role of parenting is still the role of parenting. The children will still be children. Parents must work out some solution with their family members, preferably the grandparents, to be around, not necessary to do the work. Just keep an eye or be present.

In the absence of a pair of trusting eyes, the risk is unimaginable. We have seen tragedies being repeated, and the risk is still being taken daily, by many. Good luck if the maid is dependable. If not, chiat lat.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Very simple.

In many cuntries, like Australia and the UK if you work with kids you need to be vetted and cleared. In fact most positions now -- including applying for some kinds of insurance require clearance from the cops or the state.

I have a National Police Clearance, and because I occasionaly talk to schools also have WWC

As with maids, becasue the price is so "cheap" you could end up getting some dead shit villager from a Turd Wurld Cuntry with no references, no education , no training and no vetting.

S'poreans love everything cheep cheep. They expect to pay their maids $300 per month and want her to be super intelligent, super efficient and have superior training in child care.

Sooner or later something has to give. Singapore already has adequate strong laws and an efficient police force to bust violent criminals. But what the fuck is the point when you are not vetting and discriminating at the outset? Cops only come AFTER the damage has been done.

Fancy paying $300 to some young (mostly uneducated and illiterate) teeanger to look after your children, and then get mad (at the govt) when your kid is mistreated or suffers from negligent treatment.

Fuck you stupid cheep-skate Singaporeans. (The intelligent ones -- you're alright) What the fuck are you thinking?

agongkia said...

Please don't give such excuse for not having children by putting the blame on the maid and grandparents..
Maid are not meant for taking of children.
Only those man who are the only son and is single,need to take care of their dementia elderly but at the same time need to earn a living to support them should qualify for a maid.
I am strongly against those getting a maid just to take care of children .
There are unfilial children who earn S800 but spent S$800 on a maid.I dun see any logic except to say that they are trying to stay away from their parent.
Most grandparent would be happy to help in taking care of their grandchildren.But the new generation is a total failure.Either they become geh angmo,feel that their parent are dirty and look down on them,prefer that their children learn Pinoy english than to speak dialects or they just want to show off.

Back to the point.We should be productive and produce as many children as possible.Betterer if the Garmen can allow me to marry more wives and I will repay them by producing many babies.I guarantee I will marry only local.Forget about that stop at 2 mistake.It is hard to admit the mistake.Just let me marry more wives.I can turn local to be more productive than any FT.My IQ may be low,but that doesn't meant I cannot produce talents.Just dun let me wait too long or I myself will ended up not productive..Please,tolong,paitok,butak hamnida...more wives mean more babies.....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, with both parents working, someone has to look after the kids. Not all in laws are available for one reason or another. Some in laws are also working themselves, some staying too far, some have bad relationship, some physically unable etc etc

Two income family is different from one income with one parent at home. For those who have the choice of one or two income, it is a preference. Many have no choice and both have to work, day and night to service all the loans and all the bills.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese say being unfilial is the greatest sin.
This Chinese here says making baby and not giving it the most that (as)parents should and can afford is 'greaterer' sin.

agongkia said...

Why must both parent be working?Why leave children to maid?Earn less eat less.DO away with the unnecessary.Many do not want to face the fact that producing babies for the family is a duty.For those who cannot produce due to health problem,they should be excuse.Those who can produce and refuse to produce using income as an excuse are not doing their duty .The Chinese have a saying,Pu siao yew shan,wu hou wee tar.
Produce ,just produce,dun worry too much.More children means less chances of being landed in the old folk homes.

See kow see thng,Boh Bee chia harn cher thng.