Good news for HDB and property owners again

New MRT line driving property boom in Bukit Panjang. COV $120k for 5rm and at least $30k for the rest. Singaporeans are getting richer again, without having to work for it. Just sit on the property and ask for higher price and they will get it. For those who cannot buy HDB flats, pray hard that the bubble will burst. But this will not happen as the price inflation is carefully managed and everyone can afford one, be it 1rm, 2rm or bigger. Everytime there is an increase in $100k, it means someone will have to work another 10 years for nothing just to pay for it. We are a country of happy property owners.


Wally Buffet said...


Everyone is happily blowing soap bubbles in the air.

Euphoric pipe dream.

When are these daft money mad junkies gonna wake up?

Anonymous said...

Don't be such cold blanket leh.

Many sold and left to convert SinDollars into better assets and better values. Soon Sindollar could be 1.30 to US$1 you know ?

Imagine SID500K can get you....land..house..car and many other things in other countries and live leisurely and happily.

No good meh ?

Anonymous said...

I feel so rich!

Anonymous said...

Ya, so am I. Can 'keow ka yeo lan par'.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo hdb pigeon holes are worth more than ever! Never been a better time to cash out and emigrate!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The only way to realise the lock up value of the properties is to sell and get out. This is the way it should be. The old made their money and make way for the new.

Anonymous said...

The old made their money.

The new will also make their money if this bubble blowing game continues.

Everybody in red dot is so rich. Where got beggars or cardboard and drink-can collectors?

A paradise like this, no good meh?