World Table Tennis Final, China versus China

The recently concluded World Table Tennis Championship in Moscow saw Chinese players representing China and Singapore competing. The Chinese players won, and Singapore claims glory. We are the World Champion in Table Tennis. There will be victory celebrations and we can tell the world how great our table tennis players are, and we have world champions living among us. I still can't find the slightest feeling of exuberance in this great achievement. But that is only me. I believe many will be celebrating our World Champion status, a midget country that has no resources except human talents has finally produced world beaters. Something to be proud of. For the rest of the Singaporeans, be happy that you have a chance to celebrate and cheer and clap your hands furiously for this great glory. Thanks to our foreign talent policy. This is proof that it is a successful policy and we need to do more to bring in more foreign talents and we can be happy everyday. They have lifted our standard of table tennis. And there are many fields that we need them to lift us to higher planes. Bring them in! In jobs and employments as well. Our productivity will also stand to benefit. And the rest of the Singaporeans can be happy clapping for them, never mind if some Singaporeans are jobless or have difficulties finding a decent job. From the big picture it is good.


Anonymous said...

i almost puked this morning on the SMRT train when i read MyPaper's Chia Han Keong's "Accept foreign talents as 100% S'porean"...guess i'll be leaving this copy to my dog to poo

Wally Buffet said...

The Straight Times reported 200 exuberant fans at the airport welcoming home the victors.

I don't know that this red dot has so many, 200 at least of bloody fools.

If I can be more forthright, I think if I were the subject of the celebrations, I would smirk and think to myself, "what a bunch of moronic nitwitty suckers".

I'll welcome a born and bred here Singaporean home even if she were placed right at the bottom of the competition than an "instant" citizen import bought with money.

Who the fuck are we trying to kid?

Similarly, I'm leaving this copy of today's paper for the my pet dog to lift his right leg and aim his water pistol.


Anonymous said...

The CHINESE(of MAINLAND) are brilliant, be it the Leaders or the People.

They are very kind to foreign friends, China gave away the Championship as a homage and a diplomatic nicety.

I will want more of their sports people here. Bring in the gymnasts, divers and badminton players, we shall be the most glorious sporting country in the World.

We can achieved !

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I fully support the idea. With so many billions in our reserves, we can buy all the champions in all the sports.

And I have a better idea. We can promote ourselves as the City of Champions. And we can have them lined up to sign autographs and build a Champion Street with their hand prints on them.

In the future, when these champions mate and produce offsprings, they will also be of championship material, good stocks.

Anonymous said...

Why not buy the best football team in the world and have the players put on our jersey and who knows we may win the world's Cup and hence more glory and more pay rise to the elites.
My hair stands why I see all the foreign faces holding the trophy.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, China is still the world champion. The reality is that the Chinese second team defeated the Chinese first team.

Simple as that. Logical and without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Heard Pinkie sent his congrats to Tiffany, Ivy and Joy


Anonymous said...

A foolish delusion!!!!

Anonymous said...

Goodness, why is everybody using the 'Mypoo-per' for the dogs to do their business?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When the Filipino boxer Pacqiao won the world boxing title, the jubilation and exuberance was spontaneous and genuine. There was real pride among the Filipinos. The whole nation celebrated.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are so pathetic. Buy world class players from another country and then claim to be world champions. Why not spend the money on encouraging real Singaporean kids to be real world champions of the future. Those 200 welcoming party who went to the airport must have been PRC Foreign talents. I am sure true blue Singaporeans will be too malu to go there to wave the flag. Such a pathetic lot you Singaporeans are. Shameful to the core!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Melvin Singh..seeing that u come under SPIN (oops i meant SPH)...i rather be a whiner

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That's a strange name. Who is that, Melvin Singh?

Anonymous said...

Melvin Singh (New Paper Executive Editor)

Anonymous said...

Turbanless kind?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

More and more singhs are giving the turban a miss. But adopting a western name is rare.

Anonymous said...

Haha, Singhs are probably adopting the more traditional western names, while the Chinese are now going for the 'singlishly, but so-called western names'. Some truly unpronounceable, that even westerners will avoid.

Anonymous said...

>>More and more singhs are giving the turban a miss. But adopting a western name is rare.

Well our FT ping pong Ah Tiongs have adopted Tiffany, Ivy and Joy to blend in

Anonymous said...

>>Turbanless kind?

Dunno..all i know he's a spin doctor

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am referring to the singhs. Many still use their original names except for some in the pubs.

For the mei meis, a western name is a must. They are going through the early stages of our development. Singaporeans are at a new stage of creativity.

Anonymous said...

These girls accomplished something incredible. They moved to singapore and developed themselve in singapore. This group of girls are the world champions. I celebrate their accomplishment independent of their flag. That was some incredible play over incredible odds.

Anonymous said...

Seems like many Singaporean Chinese forgotten our great grand fathers came from China to seek for a better life, thus you'll have the luxury of going through a proper education and lead a better life, all thanks to our fore fathers from CHINA.
Posting degrading comments for foreign talent program is an insult to OUR ancestors.

A Humble Singaporean said...

All healthy sports games are encouraging & inspiring. And in the case of World Team Table Tennis, S'pore has managed to create an opportunity for fresh/new players to rise to world-class international standards, while placing our small island onto the global map. Coming from such a small country, I often am reminded that we're not a super-powerhouse nor a giant like US, China, Germany, Japan or many other large nations. However, we try our best to make the best of whatever we have. Having enough wealth in our coffers to organize sports-teams & attract sports-talents (regardless of country) is not something that every nation can afford to do. Most countries are in deficit & cutting back on sports, education & government spending. To see the skill, calm tenacity & hardwork of the Team-Players (Feng TianWen, Wang YueGu, Lu BeiBei) & encouraging Coach (Zhou Shisen) who won us the World Team table tennis championships is a BIG INSPIRATION for anyone watching. It's time to do the Lion Wave! Ole ole ole oleeee! (For our homegrown S'poreans, perhaps we can be less cynical, less bored & less complaining if we give some honour to those who've contributed positively to our otherwise mundane lives. To put in perspective, better this than suffering of starvation, disease, war & joblessness which I had humbly seen in my travels/living in other countries. Count our Blessings & give Praise to those who've helped make a difference in our lives here!)

A Humble Singaporean said...

It does not where we come from, but where we go from here that matters.

All locals, homegrown S'poreans & overseas S'poreans, PR's and new Immigrants are part of our wonderful Tapestry we've created in S'pore.

We're a small island with enough personal space for everyone.

"Regardless of Race, Language & Religion" is a very personal pledge which many loyal S'poreans take seriously & live harmoniously by. Not because the government encourages us, but we hold this dearly to our hearts as part of the freedom we enjoy here & the variety of friends, families & foods we enjoy in our colourful life.

This variety is always the first thing we notice & miss when we go overseas; & harmony & smooth integration of new immigrants always gives both the welcoming party & the welcomed party a most memorable and meaningful friendship that lasts a lifetime.

Perhaps it's time we mature from our history of coolies, workers & tradesmen, to a more open-minded S'pore family who's able to welcome guests & learn more about the world through the eyes of new immigrants and visitors.

We all come with different histories & different baggages. But what matters most is how to learn from our past, deal with our cynicisms, & learn from others to create a better future.

Afterall, if we're happy, we can welcome others happily. And if we're not happy, we can learn from others who've voyaged long/short distances for a better life -- and learn their positive adventurous spirit & be inspired by anything positive they bring -- be it shrewdness, streetsmartness, patience, hardwork or tenacity.

We only live & learn. And never too old to start learning from others.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Humble Singaporean, welcome to the blog. And thanks to everyone for the discussion.

Having varieties, generating varieties, living with varieties are things we should not be uncomfortable with.

I have just posted an article on the difference between the free exchange and trading of foreign talents in football and in table tennis. No one has any strong feelings about football talents as they are bought and sold by clubs, not countries.

In table tennis it is nations or countries buying talents to bring them glories. Who cares if Gombak or Geylang International is buying talents from Africa or Australia or Russia to play for them. But the subtle difference is buying talents to represent Singapore.

Some even justify that we are helping to train and nurture talents. Is that our duty and responsibility? If we want to do that, spend money on that, let's spend the money on our children.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is now in a property bubble. There are many Singaporeans who are jobless since the 2008 recession, and more to come. Instead of facing the turbulent global economic situation, Singapore government is spending so much money on useless events such as sponsoring PRC(and their families) to win ping pong championships using tax payers blood money. I am sure when the bubble burst like Dubai, many CHAMPIONS will pack up and go home. Singaporeans are just one big bunch of tools.

Anonymous said...

To some foolish Singapore who believe that PRC is one of us, they must not forget that: most of the forefathers who came to Singapore was because of the oppressions in China. Life was not livable.

China has been thru 60 years of communism, and they are no longer the traditional Chinese many Singaporeans 'imagine' to be.

Today, many PRC Chinese believe that friendship, even relationship is a form of 'trade' or 'jiao yi'. Its buying and selling for gains. They do not believe in traditional values.

It is sad that Singapore is always on the money loosing side when it comes to China. From Suzhou Industrial park, to the current table tennis, Singaporeans never learn.