Selfish, unsportsmanlike, small minded

Vivian Balakrishnan lashed out at people who attacked the foreign sports talents as selfish, unsportsmanlike, small minded and many more. He also stressed that our survival and prosperity are dependent on the foreign talents. So without foreign talents we are doomed. I am 100% sure that without foreign sporting talents, our survival and prosperity will not be affected a wee bit except for the lack of sporting glory. I am also very sure that many critics did not attacked the foreign talents for their contributions but more for the foreign talent policy. The foreign talent policy is like taking a short cut, coveting other people's talents instead of using the same money and resources to nurture our very own talents. Would it make any difference if the resources were given to our children instead of buying talents? Vivian also talked about the X factor present in the North and South Korean teams. Obviously you can't buy X factor with money. And I also believe that it is treacherous to place our future, survival and prosperity, on foreign talents that can be bought by money. A nation's survival depends hell of a lot on X factor which no amount of money can buy. Many will die not for money or glory but for a conviction to country and nation. But some may called them silly idealists. Then again it is the silly idealists that countries depend on in desperate time of needs. The talents that can be bought by money would have bought themselves an air ticket out at the first opportunity.


Anonymous said...

'Selfish, unsportsmanlike, small minded...'

Well, well, well, it does ring a bell.

If the ruling elites are really unselfish, sporting and broad minded, would they be treating opposition candidates and opposition wards the way they have been doing?. Just because these people voted for the opposition, they deny them HDB and estate upgradings that are financed by money from all Singaporeans.

The pot calling the kettle black, without looking into the mirror.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Celebrities like Jet Li and Gong Li and Jim Rogers who made their homes here are very welcomed by the people.

Why? They were not paid to come here. They chose to come here.

Anonymous said...

"Selfish, unsportsmanlike, small minded", unquote.

Let us add one more adjective to the above Quote for our leaders.


REMEMBER that if our parliamentarians are not well remunerated, they will not served this land and the people.


AND THE Remuneration for the 11th position is quite a distance away from the 10th.


Wally Buffet said...

You can call me selfish, unsportsmanlike, small minded, whatever. But I most certainly will not support you in your EGO trip.

No one would really mind,save for sniggering behind your back if you pay for the foreign sports "talent" out of your own deep pockets!



agongkia said...

Always avoid offending those who can get agitated easily,those who can be a debater but faces can change when having difficulty answering a simple and reasonable question by a 16 year old student on TV.
But back to the point.I am not against sport talents but I still prefer and think sex talent should be consider too.hehe..

Anonymous said...

>>sex talent should be consider too.hehe..

Bring back local talent Grace Quek a.k.a Annabel Chong?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia Sir;

they are mindful of your needs.

How can You failed to see, they bring in only the ladies, not really just all ladies, but lot more ladies than men.

But whether they like Singapore man or not me no know.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I kind of agree with Vivian. We should be more sporting and broad minded. Now that the foreigners form 1/3 of our population, we should offer 1/3 of our parliament seats to them so that they are proportionally represented and their interests taken care of.

After all we are having difficulties finding good talents to be politicians. The foreign talents shall be up to it and could do a better job.

Let's all be sportsman like, man.