Protest against Telcos in Hong Lim

Football fans staged a protest at the Speakers corner to show their displeasure against Singtel and Starhub for the high prices for the World Cup matches. By next week the two telcos are likely to come up with their facts and figures to prove how affordable and reasonable these prices are, and the protestors just have no case. This is the correct Singaporean way of communicating with the people. And after that, case close, no more issue. With only two or three telcos here, and running as private companies answerable only to their shareholders for profits, the football fans shall count themselves lucky that the prices are so affordable. In fact any price is also affordable as long as there are fans who can afford to pay for it. What is the message that the protestors were trying to make? Is it a reminder to the super talented CEOs that they should not take the consumers for granted and that they can pay any prices only to pass the buck to the helpless consumers? And they can still make handsome profits knowing that the consumers just have no choice but to pay. I think we need more of such protests to register the point. If not, such reckless behaviour is bound to repeat over and over again.


Anonymous said...

Car owners in SIN may like to gather at Hong Lim Park to protest against their Insurers.


Anonymous said...

How pathetic !!! Protest against high cost of football viewing ? So brave !!! Why not protest against high cost of living, minimum wage, retrenchment pay etc. These are more important issues. Show your balls where it counts !!!

Anonymous said...

I must ask my son how he managed to enjoy EPL online without paying a single cent.

TV1 will be showing a number of matches live throughout the tournament, anyway.