Prompt, credible and impartial investigation

Hilary Clinton said that the US had agreed to a prompt, credible and impartial investigation on the Israeli attack on Aid Ship heading to Gaza. This is her response to the UN's call for an investigation. I am wondering why the UN did not call for a prompt, credible and impartial investigation. And I am wondering why the US, UK and the South Koreans went ahead on a partial investigation without any independent party involved. What is the difference between the type of investigation conducted by the US, UK and South Koreans and a prompt, credible and impartial investigation? Was it prompt, was it credible, was it impartial?


Wally Buffet said...

That freedom flotilla and it's passengers and cargo are not what it seems.

Don't be fooled.

The terrorists have found a new weapon against Israel.

Galvanise the world's misguided sympathy with staged mercy missions which, as planned, will invite Israeli interception.

What a ruse and a coup. But not everyone in this world is fooled.

Anonymous said...

Same same lah!

When the US wanted to invade Iraq, they also galvanise the world's misguided sympathy with fabricated claims of Iraq's possession of WMD.

In that case, the whole world was fooled. But now the world does not believe everything the US put up. You can't fool everybody all the time.

Matilah_Singapura said...

No government in human history has even been impartial -- even when they claim to be.

Anyway it's the fucking Middle East. Those swarthy suckers of Abraham's cock have been at each other's throats for thousands of years.

I say let the fuckers kill each other. We should take bets at every new events --- just like a race track, boxing or dog or cock fighting.

Everyone knows these fuckers will never stop fighting. This time: Israel scores one, while Uncle Sam just goes thru the motions of pretending to be the "impartial judge".

Next time the Arabs via Hamas or Hezbollah retaliate. Then it's all on again....

Hillary is another power-crazed idiot, waiting in the wings for a shot at the presidency -- onces she hatches her plan to dispatch that handsome negro, poison Nacy Pelosi and ease herself into the Oval Orifice.

That's an evil woman, that one. And that's coming from me: the guy that doesn't use the "evil" argument lightly ;)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I agree with you on two things. One, get Don King to arrange for a fight and get Hollywood to film it. And two, that little girl is looking more dangerous than Bush.

Forgive her, for she knows not what she is doing.

Anonymous said...

Me am in full concurrence with Redbean that the Old Lady(Hilary Clinton) knows not what she's doing.

Liked what Wally said; she's just coveting for the Presidency.


Anonymous said...

Old Lady playing with 'madman' is unwise.

Coercing a powerful neutral China to take side with her(Hilary) is just plain foolishness.

To covet for the Presidency at her age, she probably gets only the votes from the old folks. Americans are superficial, they appreciate beauty and youth, they do.