No more joblessness

The most happy piece of news today is that job applicants are turning down job offers and waiting for jobs that are paying more and with better benefits. It is now an employee's market and organisations looking for employees would have to pay more if they want to get a worker. This shall be good news for the oldies as well. Those oldies who are still unemployed can go job hunting again. Just tell the employers that they don't mind being paid a little lesser than the yuppies. I am going to find my resumes and try sending them out. Maybe I can land a job paying half a million if the incumbent is getting $1m. I can survive with half of that. Gilbert Goh's blog on unemployment in Singapore is going to be history. Happy times are here again.


Anonymous said...

Never mind the tight labour market, the government will let employers import more foreign workers to cope.

As for the old uncles and aunties, they have jobs reserved specially for them ie cleaning tables, pushing trolleys, washing toilets etc. If this kind of job can pay half a million, I also want. No need that much, a quarter million will be enough for a simple man like me.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I was a bit more ambitious in my imagination... for a more comfortable job. I would not mind if they pay me a quarter of what the incumbent is getting and a big house in Orchard Road. And I would not mind even if they insist on paying me $10m for whatever reason.

I am also waiting for a better job with better pay and benefits.

Anonymous said...

'If they insist on paying me $10m for whatever reason'

Please leh, don't inflate the benchmark OK. Otherwise they have to revise their salaries to $10m also.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yesterday they said salaries going up. Today they said it is going down. I have to keep my resume in the store room again.

So people getting paid $4m will be getting lesser now, I think.

Pay me half million I ok liao.

Anonymous said...

How can there be joblessness when hungers force many to accept jobs that pay 2 to 3 Dollars an hour. Yes, You're reading correctly, it's 2 to 3 SINDollars an hour without any other benefit.