The most disgusting act of Today paper

Arrrggghh....! Ptui!. I can't stand it. There were a couple of pages in today's Today paper covered with filthy and disgusting looking cigarette butts. I just cannot stand the sight of them. They really pissed me off. What was Today's message? To piss off non smokers or smokers? I think it will have no effect on smokers as they love them. Some silly women even collect them and fill them in big transparent bottles to admire at them. And occasionally they will uncork the bottle of cigarette butts to enjoy a whiff of the stale stench. Yak. Today, please, don't piss of the wrong audience. I threw the paper away immediately. It is so offensive. Stupid idea.


Wally Buffet said...


The paper achieved it's purpose of making you disgusted just looking at the sight of pictures of the toxin, what more the real stuff. In a sense it has achieved it's purpose.

I can never understand why sane human beans would want to suck toxic fumes into their lungs! I say this with apologies to Patriot.

Anonymous said...

>>They really pissed me off.

ha ha..my thought exactly :)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

But Patriot is a very discipline smoker. He does not leave behind the cigarette butts everywhere. There are very clean smokers for sure.

Anonymous said...

Me very bad la, but Camel my best friend for 50 years.

And those closest to me know me best. They bring the Camel to me and complement it with liquid tar(Guinness Stout), perfect match.

And Beanny is very right, me am truly discipline, no smoking infront of infant, in lift, in no smoking zone and no littering. Believe me, me holds the butt and ashes im my hand till me finds a place to discard them.

But then hor, there are people who will still censure me for wasting money, making the place and clothings stinky, subject my body to harm/diseases. All the PURITANS are right to some extent except for the last claim.

All my family members who were heavy smokers only went to heaven after 85 with one walking and taking care of herself at 94. None has suffered from long term disease. Me got nothing to prove except to say smoking is the least harmful vice amongst the vices.

So, who has no vice?


Wally Buffet said...


You sure are a disciplined smoker. A rarity. Indeed, if all smokers were like you, I have no complaints whatsoever, after all to each his own.

Of the five vices, viz:

Eating, drinking, womanizing, smoking and gambling, I think the worst and the most intolerable is gambling. Yet, for economic survival, we now have two casinos to cater to the curse. That $100 bucks entrance fee? It's just a smokescreen.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Wally, by pissing off non smokers defeats their objective, which is to piss off smokers in order to discourage them from smoking.

Unfortunately the smokers will even put the paper to their faces and kiss it. It is their daily bread.

agongkia said...

Sirs,you might have forgotten nong nong time ago,when you were getting married,on that wedding day dinner,it is a practise to have a can of cigarettes on the table for the guest.
Why are we so carried away when we see it nowadays.

Anonymous said...

There is one sin that most people tend to overlook. And that is interfering with the freedoms of others. And when their own freedoms are curtailed, they cry foul. Come on, u can walk away from smokers, u can refuse to marry them, u can divorce them if u maarried them before they smoke.U can tell the ruler nto to allow the sales of fags and the ruler can ban the tobacco liked they banned chewing gums. Just do what u can and stop cursing the smoker. Many are sex fiends, addicts, gamblers, swindlers, drunkers, gangsters and abusers. What r u ? Saints or gods ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Partially true.

I can't walk away from my neighbour who smokes daily, several times a day, at his window and I have to inhale his cigarette smoke. Like wise if I am sitting in a coffee shop with all the areas marked for smokers and non smokers.

And very often the smokers will also smoke when there are non smoking signs.

Neither can one walk away while walking behind a smoker and not having to inhale his cigarette smoke unless one runs ahead of him or runs away from him.

Of course one can choose not to marry someone who is a smoker. One can choose not to socialise with smokers when they are puffing.

And of course there are very considerate smokers who will not share his smokes with people who do not want them.

But all this boils down to bad social habits and good social habits.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, just to add. I cannot demand smokers to stop smoking. That is his personal freedom and right to smoke.

And it is my personal freedom and right to feel disgusted with cigarette butts and cigarette stench.

There is nothing saintly or godly about what one likes or dislikes. Smokers will enjoy the smell of cigarettes but non smokers will find them offensive and smelly.

Two different worlds of preference and taste.

Wally Buffet said...

We have nothing against smokers. Only with the lack of courtesy that their addiction impinges also on the rights of others.

Smoking is supposed to be banned in airconditioned entertainment outlets yet, some including the bosses and managers of these joints are opening smoking! Where the f@#k is our NEA people who is supposed to enforce the ban? Some PRC nationals are laughing at us because, contrary to what they've heard back home, we are a country with lots of laws against this or that but very little enforcement. If you can't enforce, don't make a fool of yourselves.

I've never ever met a more disciplined smoke than our dear Patriot. I suggest to the NEA nincompoops to get in touch with Mr. Patriot and make a Video advert. starring our Patriot with the message that it is your right to smoke but please do so, bearing in mind the right of others not to breath in your preferred choice of toxic fumes!


Anonymous said...


with Chin Lengs' definition; even patriot should not light up till he is in no man land. A smoker cannot control the wiff of cigarette smoke, it has to flow around. Me smokes anywhere it is 'legally allowed'. The self imposed discipline is me does not smoke when infant and baby are nearby and not throwing the butts anyhow and compliance to 'prevailing' regulation.

In any case, patriot sees much moralising and puritanical views been discussed here and would like to say here that there are lots of things that are imperfect, some compromises is inevitable. BUT to pick on smokers who enjoy a little pleasure in their livings and 'punishing' them with increases in the prices of their cigarettes, restricting them to just a few places for smoking are simply too draconian.

Just like what Agongkia has commented, cigarettes were almost a must at weddings, wakes and when one went about delivering wedding invitation cards in person. Why are the present crowd sooooo sensitive to smoking?

Let me also say here that visits to Gaylang, Desker and Keong Saik St etc could cause STDs and AIDS. Visits to RWS and Sands could result in bankruptcies and suicides. Drinkings had caused many accidents What have the people and the Authority done???

Many patronise the places and it appears to me that the Authority condone and even promotes the vices. Why is the least harmful curtailed and the worse ones promoted? Including smoking in airconditioned premises??

Me can live with hypocrites but it seems hypocrites are not tolerant of smokers. What the heck is happening?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must say that if every smoker is like patriot or half as discipline and civic minded, there will be no issue at all.

Smokers must understand that the smell of cigarette smoke is heavenly to them but hellish to non smokers. They are just not use to that smell. And in this column I have revealed that to a non smoker, even the sight of a cigarette butt can be very nauseating. This is probably new and strange to the smokers who couldn't part with them. It is not being puritanical but a personal affection or disaffection.

The old fad of distributing cigarettes at weddings may not be common today. Go visit a village or town in China, it is still fully in fashion. The farmers and villagers still see that as their number one form of enjoyment and entertainment. And everyone is in it and loves it. It is also one of the reason I fear going to China.

It is all a matter of taste and way of life. Everyone is free to choose what they want and feel good about it. The smokers have no means of keeping it to themselves unless they inhale and don't exhale, or don't light up. This makes privacy a problem. A smoker may be standing there minding his own business, just smoking. But the smoke and smell envelop the whole area.

Going to Geylang is a matter behind 4 walls. Going the the casino is like birds of the same feather flocks together. All very happy doing the same thing.

Can't say that about smoking in a kopitiam or a common area. The smoke and smell just fill up the place.

Anonymous said...

You guys don't go toilet ?
How's the smell in there ?
Did you suggest no public toilet allowed because they stink ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The difference is that you go to the toilet, not that the toilet comes to you. And when you go to the toilet you have no choice.

Anonymous said...

The toilet knows its place and wld not go around sharing its stinko smell.