A local talent's future destroyed

Ang Jun Heng is a straight As student from Raffles Institution. He intends to apply for a SAF Scholarship to read Engineering. His future is, or was, very bright. Now he is lying in the hospital with severe cuts and injuries to his whole body and hoping that his reattached 4 fingers could heal and return to normal. Jun Heng was one of the unfortunate victims of the brutal robbery and savage attacks on several people by some foreign workers from Sarawak. Though most of attackers have been arrested except one, and some facing death penalties, none of these will be able to return Jun Heng his normal life and his bright future. I hope the authority will come down hard, extremely hard, on these foreign criminals who were given a chance to make a good start here but instead brutally attacked our citizens and hacking their victims with knives like savages. There must be no mercy shown to them. I would advocate that there should be another harsher laws for foreigners commiting violent crimes against our citizens. We were so nice to them, welcome them to our homes, spent monies to organise parties to make them happy here. And this is our just rewards. This is not an anti foreigner article. The good and law abiding ones are still welcome. For those who resort to vicious crimes against our citizens, let it be known that the law will come down very hard, doubly hard, on them. They must not return our generosity and kindness by harming our people.


Wally Buffet said...

I do fervently hope that those who are charged with murder will have the charge stand and there should be no change in the charge through plea bargaining or reassessment of the crime. Too often we see that when a lone person kills someone, it is murder. When someone is killed by a group, especially in a gang fight or robbery, it is much lesser than murder. This is asinine legal reasoning. Just hang them all!

Whilst I am against the mandatory death sentence, this case has changed my stance somewhat especially with group violence. No mercy should be shown to those who resort to extreme and inhuman violence, especially if the savagery comes from foreigners here as guests. The dastardly act is compounded severely when one of our own is brought down through no fault of his, but just being at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

HANG THEM HIGH to show as an example that we only welcome workers not murderers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Friend, U r like the sick leader. U mean no talent u no sayang. U mean foreigner must punish hard, local punish less.
U shure fair.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This case is not about talent. It is about criminals. It is about foreigners whom we allowed to come here to work, to earn money to bring home. Our govt even spent money to sayang them and ask the people to sayang them.

We must not allow any foreigners to think that they can come here and commit vicious crimes against our people and we still want to be kind to them and sayang them.

Whip the criminals doubly hard. Hang them if they kill anyone of us.

Wally Buffet said...

If you sayang them just be aware that any member of your family is at risk again if they happen to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

In their own countries, heinous crimes like this is so common that they just laugh it off. That probably contributes to the short lifespan of their population. In the Philippines, I am given to understand that they don't hurl vulgarities at each other in road rages. They just shoot each other and the one faster at the draw as in those cowboy westerns of yore gets to remain standing. Hehe.

So you want to be in situations like that? If yes, just sayang them. If not, just hang them all to show we want to preserve this place as a violence free oasis to bring up our children.


Anonymous said...

This is just the tip of the icebergs. Expect to see more crimes committed by foreigners as the bad apples will take every opportunities to make a fast kill and run back home with their hauls.There are just too many foreigners now filling up what little space is available in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Poor kid! How distraught his parents must be!

We have long foreseen the social problems the FT are going to create. Some of these people are long used to living under less stringently controlled environments. where crime is the norm. It is difficult to change human behaviour.

But it is useless talking about that now. This is just the beginning. what with the casinos attracting the less savory characters to our shores.

agongkia said...

I am sad to hear about Jun Heng's encounter and I wish him a speedy recovery.

But you must be joking rite?All men should be treated equal whether local or not..
Let us not influence the judgement.This is only one of the reported case with arrest and not the only case that happen here.

All our SIN people are perfect when they are oversea meh?Some commit crimes,some commit sin with their sin dollars.
Those who commit crimes or sin should be punish accordingly according to law and conscience.
It make no sense to say that we gave them job and they should be given harsher punishment for being ungrateful.
Different countrymen have different ways of doing different things due to the difference in different culture.
But ,I make myself clear.I am strongly against violence.They should be given the appropriate punishment.

Anonymous said...

The perception I have is that foreigners are punished less severely than locals, not harsher.

That is why the Government is always telling us to treat foreigners well. It had to start from the top!

Anonymous said...

Punish all criminals hard whether local or foreigner.

Unfortunately Sinners are free to wreak havocs on others as sin, such as bullying, is not criminal or unlawful.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We need to differentiate between the petty crimes and violent crimes that led to killing or maiming the innocents. I am not advocating cutting off the hands of thieves. I am not asking for caning of the graffit artistes. But looks like their buttocks gonna hurt real bad. The precedence has been set.

But for foreigners who are welcomed to work here, the least we can demand from them is not to cause grievious harm to our people. This is a message, like hanging for drug smuggling, that the foreigners must know and obey.

Once they cause grievance harm to OUR people, we will smash their heads real hard, and chop it off if lives were taken.

I always believe in us and them, the citizens and non citizens. It is like you and your family against your guests. They can never be the same.

agongkia said...

Just becos we welcome them here to earn a living does not mean that we can demand anything special from them.If everyone can demand,they can also say that they are here to help us and do job that local shunned and help our economy and thus can also ask for a lighter sentence.Does that make sense?
A crime is a crime,they can be charge for voluntarily causing hurt,causing grievous hurt,murder etc.They should be punish base on the offence and not base on whether they are here to earn a living or here to spent their dollars.Let the judge decide the sentence.
I am more concern about Jun Heng's condition.Hope he recover soon.