China must accept the verdict

US Admiral Mike Mullen rapped China for not falling in line with the US to take tough actions against North Korea for the sinking of Cheonan. The US is fuming mad that the Chinese refused to tow the line after a 'multinational' probe into the sinking which conveniently left out the Chinese, the Russians and the North Koreans. And many already believed in the truth from this 'multinational' investigation team of birds of the same feathers. The impartiality of the team, without the Chinese and the Russians and also the North Koreans, was never in doubt among the international gangsters. And they are demanding that China must accept their cooked verdict. Why should China be made to believe in something which is shrouded with slime and fakery? If the Americans sincerely wanted the Chinese and Russians to play ball with them, they should, from the start, involved the Chinese and Russians in the investigation. A simple question, 'Why were the Chinese and Russians left out of the investigation team?' Bloody gangsters!


Anonymous said...


do not fume too much. You got to be happy that the Gangsters frighten nobody now. Look; just Kim Jong Il and Osama are sufficient to make them jittery.

And now Irans' Ahmedinejad alone is making the Gangsters' balls shrinking. Pardon me; can't find a better way to describe chickened gangsters.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Smoke and mirrors -- nothing serious. Just the usual international wayang -- the 'free' world vs the marxists.

Anonymous said...

Imagine trying to force somebody to accept a verdict that he does not agree or do not see as right.

This is not China in the old days of gunboat diplomacy, just point your cannon and force them to open their doors to the opium trade, which the Chinese do not agree or do not see as right.

Can the Muslim world force the US and its poodles to accept their verdict, of pronouncing Israel as guilty of using unacceptable force during the recent Gaza aid incident?

Just plain hypocrites, plain and simple.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What is the UN doing?

Dancing to American tune or calling the tune?

Anonymous said...

The UN? Of course dancing to American tune.

Just like our media.

But of course, they will say they are not.

Anonymous said...

"What is the UN doing ?"

The Chief is seen travelling and talking. He and his staff are paid well and move around in suits and ties and live in posh hotels.

The wars are raging and the bullies care not if there is UN. Despots are wild with their ambitions and what's UN to them?

The weaks are bullied and killed and what does UN knows about Human Rights? Does it even care about Human Rights.

The World will loose nothing withOUT a United Nation. From the days of U Than, the Present UN Chief is the least useful flower in the Flower Vase called United Nation.


Wally Buffet said...

This pirate of the Sea can just go and f@#k himself.

See how important China is?

Without it's active participation and tacit acquiescence, any accusation leveled at my hero Kim is just plain diatribe and hot air not worth bordering about.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wally, the pirates are going to hold a large scale provocative exercise at the doorstep of North Korea. They can intentionally stray into North Korean waters to force them to open fire. Then they can fire back in 'defence'.

Or they can execute another torpedo attack on their own ships and point the finger at the North.

Possible scenarios of warmongering, to start another war. By then they will be opening another front. Next will be Iran.

All this points to one thing, hostile intention.

Anonymous said...

when the world economy gets really bad and the gansters and their poodles ( one of these very close to home ) have nowhere else to run, then they will start another war to distract the world's attention from the financial crisis. Remember the WMD and the 45 minutes threat???

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They have started several wars in the middle east. The next one coming is the Korean peninsula and the silly Koreans will be killing each other and buying more arms to kill more.

Anonymous said...

Selling arms to the Koreans is one way to help the war machine of the Americans.

It is killing two birds with one stone. Firstly, time to get rid of obsolete weapons. Secondly, divide and rule. The more divided, the easier to manipulate, from both ends.