Big and little Empires and their rights

At the Shangri La Dialogue, the US Defence Secretary Robert Gates pooh poohed the cutting off of contacts by the Chinese military with the Americans on the ground that the US was selling arms to Taiwan. He proudly told the delegates that the Americans have been doing so openly all these while so why the big fuss? He should also tell the delegates that the Americans also have a treaty to defence Taiwan should it be attacked by China. And Taiwan is a breakaway island from China. He should tell the delegates that for centuries the colonialists have ruled over the Asians, Africans and Americans, so it is alright if they continue to do it, openly. What this representative of the Empire did not know is that the Empire can do anything it wants as long as the subject nations under the Empire are too weak to talk back. The point is that the Empire forgets that once a subject nation is no longer a push over, it is not going to be dictated by the one sided rules and terms of the Empire. The balance of power as changed. And he went on to tell the subject nations in the Dialogue that the Empire will look at more options to punish North Korea for the alleged sinking of the Cheonan. He took it for granted that the one sided investigation by the Empire and the evidence produced are final, and the rest of the world must accept them as the ultimate truth. This truth and evidence cannot be questioned. The Empire is the arbiter and the judge and the executioner. Was he cocky, ingnorant or still believes the Empire calls the shot? In the eastern Mediterranean Sea there is a little Empire telling the countries in the region who is the boss. They control the sea, the land and the air. They will police the region and will take over any ships, vessels or vehicles moving without their approval. The countries in the region will just have to live under the rule and authority of the little Empire. And this state of affair will go on forever until such a time when there are capable countries that could challenge the balance of power there. In the meantime, the little Empire shall call the shot, like it or not. The big Empire will look the other way, and the UN will simply disappear knowing where it stands. So will other little European Empires. They share the spoils and divide the areas of influence among themselves.


Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean:

the World is a lot larger than USA, UK, Israel and their Allies.

And the Larger World is now badly antagonized; however, as they are by and large peace loving nations, the Imperialists are left to indulge and live with their superiority complexes. History has clearly shown that after the 19th Century, small little nations were and are able to deal with the Imperialists. Such is the facts of history, that their showings of might do not frighten anyone and only attracted some dependent countries to suck to them.

The Imperialists will be just like the United Nations, namesake and for show but impotent.


Anonymous said...

Their showings of might do not frighten N. Korea and Iran.

Throughout history empires have waxed and waned, so let them and their poodles enjoy their strutting while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

We must encourage Burma on it NUCLEAR ambition even if one doesn't agree with the repressive regime. The only language that the empires large and small understand and to impose sanctions to keep themselve supreme.

Go Burma go, do please also develope the infrastructures of country(how can China has unlimitless supplies of Burma electrical power when Burmese don't). Treat the people right, relax the extreme rule and Burmese will be behind the regime.
carried away hahaha...