Thinking simplicity

The debate on mother tongue continues. And it boils down to how difficult and time consuming it is to learn a language that is of less functional value. Teach maths, science, innovation, creativity, moral values, integrity etc etc except mother tongue. When we simplify our thinking and reduce our minds to a machine, we will fail to think through an issue holistically. Is teaching the mother tongue so simple, just about an emotional attachment, about racial identity, about culture...? Come on all you silly buggers, despite all the education that you received, can you be so blinded by your individual interests to look into a pin hole and say there is the problem, a pin head? Teaching a language encompasses everything that comes with that language, its history and culture, the moral values, the ethics, the collective wisdom, a sense of being, a moral and historical compass, and everything, including creativity, innovation, science, integrity, morality and all that is about living and life. It is not simply about communication, a tool, a function or dysfunctional tool. A human bean without a language and all that comes with it, no matter how intelligent, is nothing but a machine. Living with just the English Language will determine a person's make up and a set of values, culture, philosophy, history and all that comes with it. It applies to other languages as well. Do not simply discard a language and say anything will do. A language is not simply a language. A language is the living soul of a civilisation.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Chua;

this post is the best that me has ever read about the value of a language.

The Mother Tongue Language is as important as the Mother, without her, one can forget about becoming being.

You're good Sir.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh patriot,

I was just about to write a piece to praise myself on how good is my writing and you jump the gun and deprive me of this cheap thrill.

Now I can't even blow my own trumpet: )

Anonymous said...

Mr Bean Sir;

Self praise is no praise lah.

You deserve the superlatives!

Me respect your faithfulness to our origins.

Language to me is the mystic origins of specific sounds and writings(drawings) that add colours to the different beings, man and other species. It is naturally unique to each species and colours. Wish i could know more.


Anonymous said...