The shame of the diplomatic corp

Is Silviu Ionescu a typical example of the character and integrity of a diplomat? If he is, then the whole diplomatic corp is a sham. How could a man of such low integrity and despicable conduct be chosen by a country to be their representative? And presumably he is the best that Romania can find. It is either their system is so flawed, or the quality of their civil servants is suspect. And if they do not bring him to justice it will reflect very badly on what Romania is all about. On the diplomatic corp here, what are their views and stand on this Ionescu incident? So far they have been very quiet. It would be nice if the head of the diplomatic community take a stand to distance themselves from this obnoxious man whom they wined and dined and embraced as one of them. If they still think that Ionescu is one of them and a good one, then the diplomatic corp will become a joke in town.


Anonymous said...

Chin Leng Sir;

me am very surprised that You expect and believe politicians and diplomats to be of integrity and propriety.

Me says they are the greatest pretenders and the most crafty.

Let's respect those that sweat for their monies; not the sweet talkers, the power abusers lip service providers.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The most peaceful moment of my life is me with my camera and nature in front of me.

There are some decency expected of a human bean no matter what profession that person happens to be. In this case, after knocking down some people, the decent thing to do is to stop and provide whatever assistance needed. And own up instead of telling lies that one is being fixed up and cooked up all kinds of stories to paint the other parties as the devil.

All the nonsense that came out of this Silviu Ionescu is a shame on him and his country. He is so shameful and I just want to see the diplomatic corp dissociate themselves from him. And also the govt of Romania to do likewise.

Anonymous said...

Rest assure that our leaders will bring justice to their citizens(Victims of the Accident).

If they(our leaders) failed, me will not blame Silviu Ionescu, the Government of Romania and nobody else.