Human rights lesson from Singapore

Maxwell Coopers wrote an article in FreeMalaysiaToday forum with the above title. He was amused by the UN representative, Githu Muigai's recommendations about what Singapore should do to improve its human rights. I too agree with Maxwell. What Muigai should do is to look at all the countries around the world and see if any of them could have a better system and record than Singapore on human rights and treatment of minorities. Look at countries around Singapore for comparison. He should be there instead of in Singapore. There is one good reason for him to be in Singapore. And that is to study the brilliant and workable system that we have put to practice and how the general well being of our minority groups are better than the standard of living of majorities in other countries, and how they could practise their customs and cultures freely as long as they don't infringe on the rights of others. The majority is also subject to this restraint. This will be the best testimony that Muigai could bring to the UN and recommend that the Singapore system be used as the model for other countries plagued with discriminations against their minorities. I think he would have done a great job in doing this and will receive a standing ovation at the UN instead of his ridiculous recommendations to improve a system that can only be found workable in paradise.


Anonymous said...

Human Rights, Natural Rights, Citizens' Rights. Alright; let's be right about damned Rights.

United Nation is the Organization to oversee the Rights of (Human)Beings to be honoured by the respective rulers of all nations.

BUT, when UN is impotent in it's given power to exercise its' Rights to punish or rule over the offending rulers and nations, what rights then does the world talk about?

Human Rights have been exploited by the US of A to abuse other sovereign nations and to interfere with the internal politics of other countries. Have the UN or and or other sovereign nations did anything to right any injustice.

Human Rights, Mr Bean Sir; is one of the Greatest Myth of Mankind.


Anonymous said...

You are quite right!

He should look at our neighbours and see how many minorities hold economic power and how many hold leadership positions in the Armed Forces. Then he would realise that they should learn from Singapore about how to keep minorities in their place! How to ensure that every single public housing block is dominated by the majority race so that the minorities are scattered all over the country - great lessons for all in the UN!!!

Anonymous said...

Supported this suggestion. How else to maintain social order and peace if minorities huddled together and start to kill the majority who are minority within the minority groups at the first sign of dissatisfaction?

Our history has proven this and this is a lesson that we cannot afford to forget and let history repeat itself. Since 1969, our minority has never been bullied by the majority and the govt is serious in making sure that this will be the way to go forward.

Allowing minorities to form strongholds is asking for trouble. Better this way that than to risk courting serious trouble in the future.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The option of the lesser evil is always better than being naive and silly and allow things to go wild. Freedom without regulations and control will lead to lawlessness and anarchy.

Reverting to the old ways of having racial enclaves in distinct areas sounds very attractive to some but the price to pay is too high if things go out of hand again. It is better to bear with a little discomfort and complaints than to go the easy way and court disasters.

We cannot afford any social disturbances that can aggravated into bloodshed, death and destruction. The current formula is not the best but has served us well.

Look at the new direction to lower the expectations of mother tongue. The unhappiness is surfacing with the clans demanding that the status quo be retained. The monther tongue is not specific to the majority but to all races. Do we want to lose our mother tongue because of a few bananas?