The Wooden apology

Shall I call it the Wooden apology or the Tiger apology? After all it is all about the media and fancy news of the celebrities and a world of make beliefs. I did not watch the telecast and did not bother at all. It was after all his personal affair. It is big news alright for those who were his big fans and his sponsors. I was an admirer of Tiger Woods, the number one golfer, the world champion. What went wrong or what was wrong with Tiger Woods when what he did was quite normal actually, for someone in his shoes. And he is not alone. His indiscretion somehow came up quite shocking and disappointing to his fans. I think his main problem was that he lived under an image of a flawless man. He was just like a priest or more, godly, and perfect. It was too big an image for any man to take on. When he turned out to be just like another ordinary guy in his personal life, it was too much to bear. The truth hurts badly. It would be a different story if he had lived a life less pristine, less godly. No one seems to bother much about Mike Tyson or Bill Clinton or what some of the royalties did. As long as they don't pretend to be flawless, they are accepted as who they are. The disappoint comes when the flawless was found to be flawed. When you are white, a little spot or speck of dust is enough to damage the image. Tiger should best discard his wholesome boy next door image. Just be himself and live life. If his appetite cannot be satisfied, he is going to create more problems to himself if he tries to be otherwise. Donald Trump has the best advice for him. Just go play golf and be a world champion. Forget about living like a priest. He is very talented. His sponsors have a part to play in his spotlessly clean image. Don't they know that he wasn't?


Anonymous said...

Who cares? He is a multi or mega millionaire that is his business. Makes no difference to the world.

An unsporting and a sore loser. I never like him.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Nonsence, rubbish and I don't understand why bothering with the story except it made for good conversation and voyuerism(guilty am I by commenting?)?

A whole load of crap from golf reporters, they must know about TW affairs but kept quite and commming out to look good for themselves now, all shameless(balless to report till TW got caught with his pants down) money mongers.

I saw on Larry King, a know psychologist(forgot her name), she said he(TW) is a "FLAW MAN"??

Is there a Perfect man(HBEAN)? Every lowly bean is made flaw in some way!

to anon above "An unsporting and a sore loser" ok you don't have to like him but it is wrong to say TW is unsporting and a sore loser, Never ON Golf Course, may be even an envy and jealousy ("He is a multi or mega millionaire")!

Wally Buffet said...

Sometimes it pays to be an ordinary Joe. Blend with the crowd. Do what you want. No one bothers. One may not be mega rich but rich in life's pleasures.

He is like a caged tiger although well fed, well maintained and well watched. Don't blame him for being ravenous if you throw in a few handsome tigress together with the meat. You'll see more than a tiger show. You'll see an Orgieeee!

Anonymous said...


to sin is human.