New playground for foreign workers

Singaporeans and PRs have to pay $100 for entry to the Resort World casino. Foreign workers could enter free. What a great ruling. Now all the foreign workers will be making the casino their dining hall and playground. Free food and drink for the whole day at a cost of $3 for transport. And free aircon and comfort in a brand new resort. Ooh la la. Now we will see how the casino operator going to handle this kind of situation. The casual Singaporeans who could go in and spend a couple of hundred bucks would not find it worth their while to pay $100 to enter the casino. Instead, the casino will have to put up with a mob of hungry foreign workers who may put in ten bucks into the jackpot machine, and many may not and will just be there for the free food, comfort and entertainment. Interesting rulings and interesting situation.


Jaunty Jabber said...

Really Interesting Redbean, the way u described, really interesting and yes, how true!

Wally Buffet said...


Somebody goofed.

Let's spread the news of this loophole to the hordes at Little India standing around with nothing to do on weekends, the Pinoy ladies at Lucky Plaza and the Thais at Golden Mile complex. If they are refused entry, how ah, Uncle?

Anonymous said...

Haven't they thought of that, I wonder?

In any case, also good for Singaporeans who have to fight with foreign workers for free food at Buddhist Lodge etc. Soon, it will be Singaporeans at Buddhist Lodge and foreign workers at Resort World Sentosa. Singapore really treat foreign workers well hor!

For how long?

Kaffein said...

Allow me to predict what will happen after 1 year of opening. The FTs would rather go to Golden Mile, Far East, and other 'cheaper' places. And then the casino operators will reduce the price to attract locals and PRs.

Why go through the pain and then revise the policy again since it's not going to work in the first place? I'd say wasting time and money.


Anonymous said...

An unpopular project denounced by many must start with some wayang to calm those who opposed. These will go away soon enough. Be patient.

Singaporeans not only have short memories, they are easily pacified with lollipops, candies and hand-outs.