Another amazingly pro people and pro business budget

The budget is out and it is goodies time for all. Alright some will still sieve through it with a comb and nit pick at why no this and why no that. Overall, it is another angpow budget of at least $10b for the people. So, want to complain again? Where on earth is there a govt that always give angpows to the citizens? My only little concern is where is the money coming from? Our reserves or surplus profits from GIC and Temasek? After announcing mega billion losses and adding on another few hundred millions more recently, I think I can safely conclude that surplus from our investments can be KIV for a long long time to come. But money cannot come from nowhere. Can we expect to have another round of raising taxes, more ERPs, raising GST to help the people(in this case help first and raise later), more expensive public flats, more savings from our CPFs being set aside to fulfil the 'tan ku ku' fantasy? Unfortunately the answers are still over the horizon, maybe after the next general election. And the answers no need to 'tan ku ku'. Mesti akan datang.


Wally Buffet said...

This kind of budget is tailored for an election year.

Once again, it's an adrenalin charged hustings crawling for me. I love elections. I love fiery speeches. I love the sight of so many people congregating at one place, a rare sight indeed in this country. In Hong Kong, I get to see it almost every week. It's fun.

Despite the bull that we are being told that elections is NOT just around the corner, I am betting that it will be before June.

I will be expecting a big contest of hearts and minds in my GRC between the incumbent helmed by one of our well liked shorties and the opposition. I will listen to and analyse their speeches and promises. One thing I am sure. On polling day, I hope I do not meet a FT with a North East Chinese drawling accent who got his citizenship akin to a walk in the park. If I do, I won't be thinking straight.

Hehe. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Redbean, you answered your own questions in the third paragraph.

They are giving all the goodies first. Payback time after the election. The same formula works all the time.

$>PAP<$ said...

the same old trick of giving first and taking back much more later, somehow always work on some Sporeans.....who r beyond daft.

$10Billion sounds alot. but
divide it out amongst 5 Million+ people (Sporeans+PRs+FWs),
the share of the pie pales in comparison to what each individual minister has been swallowing.

frankly I hope to live long enough to see the PAP buzzards cough out all the ill-gotten money.

one thing for sure, majority of sporeans would love to know the networth of each individual PAP buzzard.

Anonymous said...

you must be kidding to think that this SinGov really give $10 billions. If you notice recently, they are so fond to give such a large figure and yet unable to cough it out. It is just like GCT when ask about $100 millions amount, and this Woody finally admit he has no idea where it comes from, only say, say as carrot and to make you happy. Same with this $10 billions, say say only, don't have to come out. And better still, tell you that gov has spent $10 billions although only a fraction of this is spent, and then use this "transparent" billions to uncover-up for GIC and TH, and then justifies GST and price hike for this "fraudster" billions.

surely you can do better than believe in the nonsense and lies of this government. Same with the rest of commentators here. The billions of money is just non-existent and just a fickle of your imagination. Didn't you know that even con-men and fraudsters can promise you heaven and the sky as long as they don't have to prove it ?

soojenn said...

This same old strategy is becoming stale... unless they take most Singaporeans as "daft". Well the election results will show if sinkies are falling for this again.

@Wally.. cannot agree more with you. the GE is just around the corner. The "idiots" at the Election Dept has been busy with informing overseas voters -
"We wish to inform you that the Registers of Electors have been revised based on the new qualification date of 1 February 2010. With the revision of the Registers of Electors, your registration as an overseas elector, which was processed based on the old qualification date of 1 February 2009, is no longer valid. If you wish to continue to be registered as an overseas elector, you will have to submit a fresh application for registration. To qualify for registration, you must have resided in Singapore for a total of at least 30 days during the 3-year period immediately before the new qualification date (ie. from 1 February 2007 to 31 January 2010). To facilitate the submission of fresh application by overseas electors whose registration has lapsed as a result of the revision of the Registers of Electors like you, we have enhanced our online system such that your particulars will be populated on the application form for you to update when you logon to the relevant e-service via our department’s website: www.elections.gov.sg.

Do submit your fresh application early if you wish to continue to be registered as an overseas elector. Registration of overseas electors will close once the writ for an election is issued."

Their fu..king website was so difficult to access (upteem time with errors on the registration) I sent and email asking them if they are doing this on purpose, to make it difficult for overseas voters to vote, and how convenient for them to to inform these voters that the registration will close when the writ for an election is issued, when they can't even get their website in order.

So Wally is probably right that the GE is just round the corner.

These bloody idiots after making the overseas voters go through the hassle in 2009, is invalidating this and making them go through this nonsense again.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A time will come when all the redbeans will say enough is enough. The quality of our supertalents have been laid bare for all to see. If the redbeans think that this is the best and willing to accept it, they should just support the system and let it be.

It is their choice and the choice is going to be offerred to them very soon.

Anonymous said...

With our wise SIN Leaders, the Budget will only gets better each year.
Wait for the Better Budget of 2011, be patient though.