Myth 214 - The myth of saving Gaia

Save the world, save the forest, save the animals, cut down on energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas, etc etc. These are the magical words of the new world, all crying for help to save the world from destruction by man. Who is the biggest destroyer of this world we live in? The economic formula of growth. High consumption + high construction + high production = High destruction of Gaia. The economic formula of growth is the most destructive force which man chose not to know. No country can afford to continue to chalk up high economic growth year after year without high consumption, high production and high construction, leading to the greater destruction of the earth. Can we be so blind? The world is being destroyed rapidly by the high growth developed countries. The less developed countries are paying the price for their own destruction by maintaining a green way of living How much energy and resources does adding a man into the population consumes? How much energy and resources does it take to build a car? How much energy and resources does it take to build a house of a flat? Imagine how destructive we are to increase our population, to scrap a usable car in good condition, to destroy a whole estate of flats and buildings only to rebuild, en bloc? And we tell our people to save silly plastic bags to save the world! How many plastic bags must one save to feed a man a year ,or to build a car that we scrap prematurely, or to pull down, en bloc, a whole estate? What the hell is going on?


Anonymous said...

You don't think using less plastic bags can save the world? Me too.

Now they are making those 'green plastic bags' by the millions. Every Tom, Dick and Harry company seems to be distributing them for advertising purposes and I remember seeing them also being discarded.

Are we being taken for a ride by someone to support the manufacturers of the 'green plastic bags'. Its a whole new industry springing up to produce them. You can forget about saving the world when people start to discard them in the same way as the old plastic bags.

We always end up on square one. The only difference is that while some people only have their mind to make their money from the changes, others always turn out to be the suckers.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> The world is being destroyed rapidly by the high growth developed countries. The less developed countries are paying the price for their own destruction by maintaining a green way of living <

That's actually not correct. Whilst the rich countries do consume more energy and resources, they do so quite cleanly. They also have laws and social structures in place, as well as efficient courts to punish environmental vandalism.

It is the developing countries which are still polluting the water and air.

For e.g. Indonesia looks the other way whilst the big timber tycoons and farmers burn off the forests creating thick smog in places like Singapore and Malaysia. The Indonesians get away with this for years.

No first world country would do that.

redbean said...

the making or manufacturing of anything consumes energy and resources. even if they recycle, energy and other items are added, which is still consuming from the earth.

same as in logging. it is consuming resources to feed the developed world's hungry appetite. the developed world may be trying to keep things clean, but the high consumption is the problem.

worst, many of the products manufactured are practically useless except for amusement. computer games is one big group of wasteful products.

we used to have one telephone set on the table that last a lifetime. now the mobile handset is obsolete and needs to be changed every few months. totally a big waste of energy and resources.

our scrapping of cars after 10 years is a very waste policy. so is our enbloc pull down and rebuild policy. and the list can go on and on. changing cars every 2 years....

Anonymous said...

The Earth can save itself when mankind becomes extinct.

When there is mankind, there is Doomsday, nothing to save.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I always believe -- go down swinging. Better to die on your feet fighting than on your knees like a conquered slave.

There is nothing wrong with catastrophic failure. Galaxies are exploding everyday. One small country collapsing will hardly make a dent in the grander scheme of things.

That's why I'll e celebrating Matilah Singapura. Please do your part to make it a good show -- world class entertainment.

BTW redbean, have you heard the goings-on on the new projet to turn the old supreme court into a "national" art (??) gallery?

redbean said...

yes matilah. all the plans and architecture drawings have been approved and i think waiting for the contract to be awarded.

it is a piece of art, a monument, that should be preserved for posterity. a place that many can recalled and touch base with.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The contract is already taken -- foreigner, of course. The teams assembled and work's started. There's lots of 'shit' going on. If you haven't heard anything, it's probably hush hush.

Don't worry, in time you'll get wind of all the goings-on.