Entrapment not for the good guys

Lawyers who plot to expose rival's wrongdoings and then report them for disciplinary action will now also be subject to sanction.' I quoted this from the ST to make sure that I did not misquote any word. Too risky talking about the legal profession. Sekali kena sue. What was reported in the paper is that some lawyers have been entrapping fellow lawyers and get those lawyers into trouble. In an honourable profession, such acts have violated some ethical issues. The good men of our society have set a very high standard of ethical behavior for themselves. In the world of triads and mafias, they have no need to observe such niceties. Entrapments, cheating, sneaking around, fixing their enemies are all part and parcel of the game. It is better to be bad men and live with a different set of ethics. Being good men is tough. Trying to fix up your peers can get you into trouble for being unethical. Conduct unbecoming of an honourable man.


Anonymous said...

To " fix " your opponents and competitors seems to be a very common practice here in Singapore. I wonder where this habit originate from. From the back of my mind I seem to remember vaguely that there was a case in which one politician said he will " fix " his opposition. I am getting old, I cannot remember if my memory is playing tricks on me, or if that actually was said.

Green Peas said...

In politics, fixing your opponents as well as your friends, especially very close associates, is also a normal game; not just in the world of triads and mafias.

Such fixings, if crudely done (as in Malaysia and Burma) may result in exposure to public knowledge and wrath. But if subtly done behind the scene by highly intelligent and crafty politicians, the public will almost always never have a chance to know of the happenings behind the scene, within closed doors, or secret transactions on the golf courses, or through third parties (Chinese saying: "Borrow knife to kill people").

Perhaps, it is because of the lack of political freedom, or tight reign of control on politics in Singapore, professional people, who are afraid of being detained under the ISA, are now turning to internal political games within their own professional associations and societies as a from of release or de-stress?

It may also be that what is happening is perhaps an extension of the long arms of some very powerful people manipulating for their own long-term interest?

Or could they just be a few isolated cases?

Only they who are directly or indirectly involved would know. We, outsiders, can only guess.