16 Nov is Singapore's Dog's Day

I declare 16 Nov 09 as the Day of the Dogs. A shopping mall in Serangoon Central has a 185 sq m playground dedicated to dogs, so that dogs can run free, enjoy sports equipment, running tracks, jumping bars, loops and exercise slides. And ST has devoted one and a half page on designer pooches, and how top dogs are bred to the likings and delights of their owners. We have dog restaurants and dog menus, dog parks being proposed and of course vet/dog specialists. While all these affections for dogs are good, let's not forget that there are babies and children. We do not want to end up where couples choose to have dogs than babies. Babies are no longer in fad. Happy Dog's Day.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I absolutely prefer dogs to babies.

You know that your dog will live to be 10-15 years. So you simply replace it with a new dog.

When the baby reaches the little shit starts becoming an asshole -- disobeying you, starts demanding expensive goods even though he's not earning, plays loud music and stupid games like GTA, potengs school but expects a $200k overseas education...fuck... gimme a dog over a kid anyday!

Anonymous said...

No wonder all the dogs are so happy and so busy .... especially all the lap dogs and tail-less dogs.

Have you noticed how busy they are running around and engaging in the Internet forums, blogs, twitters, facebooks, myspace, .... etc.?

Anonymous said...

Redbean Sir:

this Societty has gone to the Dogs for many years. Me said it many times over the years in Blogosphere.