Mas Selamat - A staged escape?

I am pondering over this theory, that the whole thing was staged. Ah, unbelieveable, far fetched? It is just a theory and let me piece the facts together including some possible reasons that this could be the biggest, carefully managed escape of our history. When Mas escaped, there was a confluence of mistakes or events to facilitate his disappearance. The gurkha soldier and the ISD officer appeared to be like school prefects, so amateurish to the point of being clumsy and inept. I would have very strong reservation to place my trust on these people to look after our security. They are professionals and professionally trained. So on these points, I don't believe that they were what they were made to look like. Secondly, the detention centre is not a school compound without any security or security officers guarding them. The so called slips and a CCTV system that was not functioning at the precise moment left much to wonder. The search after the escape was another laughable episode. I think officially they only found out that Mas had escaped long after he was gone. And mounting the search party was also long after he was gone. The search party arrived to search the wrong area, in the residential area and left out the MacRitchie Reservoir corridor completely. No tracker dog was deployed. So much for all the misses that could put a big dent on the credibility, capability and intelligence of our security personnel. I too don't believe that our security people are so silly. So something must be missing here. And the damages, the credibility of ISD and the reputation of Kan Seng were at stake. Were these a good price to pay for to stage such an escape? What could possibly happen? A chip was planted in Mas Selamat. So he could go no where and could be brought back at our pleasure, time and place of our own choosing. The benefits, to test how efficient such a chip works, and all the movements and contacts Mas could lead our security people to. Imagine watching him and his JI members in action like watching mice in a controlled lab environment! Then there were exercises that could be mounted, mobilising the people and security personnel in a situation that was as real as it could get. The gains of staging such an escape are tremendous. Now after more than a year watching him and seeing how he operated, and before he gets too dangerous, and with his contacts exposed, it is time to bring him back. By now, the whole JI operations could be an open book to the security people of Malaysia, Indonesia and us. Worth it isn't it? There are many clues that this could be staged. The April 1 arrest of Mas Selamat screamed April Fool. Possible? Just allowing my imagination to go wild. Let's wait to hear Mas Selamat's story.


Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean:

You have got a great theory that's
very plausible. This is a piece of investigative writing that our local newspaper men/women should emulate. The ways they write are like quoting, copying, rewriting and citing. They do not go beyond what they see and hear. They have no view of their own.

The least expected of reporters is for them to seek the opinions/views of experts. They must be inquisitive to probe and investigate into the subjects. Or simply look into all possibilities including theory, just like You.


redbean said...

ha patriot, just letting my imagination going wild.

CatFightLover said...

Now that they have caught him, can we look forward to tighter security not least of which is to tie him up securely with good old strong chains and not raffia strings? He He.

Seriously, your theory sounds good to me. Looking at him, he sure ain't no Charles Bronson of Magnificent Seven fame. Charles, tough and crafty as they come. Mr. Selamat, more like a harmless minimart operator and a limping one at that.

The only gripe I have is that if what you propose is true, we should have concrete dividends from all the time, money and effort spent to stage this Great Escape.

I would be very pissed off if all the time I spent at the causeway, hot under the collar, inching my way to the immigration booth were to go to waste.

Anonymous said...

Some people have been watching too many hollywood movies. It all sounds so plausible, except there no "chip" technology capable of doing what you think. Then, everything falls apart.

redbean said...

true, i am watching too many movies. whether there is such a chip i am not sure. they could be testing it: )

Jaunty Jabber said...

Are we in more danger now that MSK is captured? Now the JI has additional reason to attack, MSK is arrested and they need to revenge and to prove to the world that their muscle suffers no dent even though MSK is captured.

auntielucia said...

Good to have a conspiracy theory now and then... swimming one km with a gamy leg n on the run some more.. the man deserves a Tiger (beer)!