I missed the pinkdot party

Oh dear, I was caught up with running an errant and missed the party altogether. I would love to share the pictures if I were there. About a thousand people were there. Anyway, the pics at TOC and a few other blogs were marvelous. Now I am kicking myself for not being there. The message is simple and clear, from the pics. The pink people are a happy lot, and beautiful too. If only we have more pinks among us, we will definitely be a happier place. Make love, not war. The same message from the sixties. Congrats to the authorities for approving the event. Definitely no violence or social security problems to be expected. The pink people shall also be happy that the non pinks were not there to jeer at them or pick a fight. It is inclusiveness and acceptance.


Anonymous said...

This is my projection for the number of pinkies that will be there in the future:

2009 1000

2019 10,000

2029 100,000 celebrate at new national stadium.

2039 1,000,000. Celebrate at Sentosa.

In 2039, out of a total population of 10,000,000, one tenth would be LBGTs.

Dark days ahead.

He He.

Say No To A Pink Lifestyle.

Jaunty Jabber said...


I visited your water lilies blog, I see lilies in white, pink & violet, where is red? Is there red water lilies? Did you create the water lilies blog in support to the Pink Dot? Pink & violet are known as the colours that respresent the LGBT.

Anonymous said...

The writing was on the wall ever since the PM appeared in a pink shirt on national tv several years ago. All the closet pinkies took that as a sign that they no longer have to hide anymore. Want to blame someone, go blame the pinkie clown who started it all.

redbean said...

hi jaunty, i did not deliberately choose to shoot white, pink or red. it just happened. maybe that how the invisible hand is at work.

colour signs are a subtle way of sending out a message, like anonymous said. when chok tong told the people to go and enjoy themselves, he wore red. and hsien loong wore pink to signal that we are an inclusive society.

quite meaningful actually.

Anonymous said...

Should make this event into a National Carnival and promote it as an Unique Gaiety Festival. Have it advertise and publicise oversea as a tourism promotion.

Jean makers can produce pink jeans/suits, participants can parade their pink cheongsam, sari, sarong and pink three piece dresses. Ice cream man will sell pink colour ice-creams and our economy will get a boost.

Hong Lim Park will also be a fertile ground for those seeking out people/partners of similar interest. They can openly pursue their interests without having to be coy about it anymore. Maybe our Official Match-making Agency will have less works to do as well.

One thousand participants as reported by TOC and 2,500 as reported by TODAY(the free newsprint). One of these two is not reliable, but, does not matter. Be it 2,500, amongst a population of 4 millions, it's still just a drop.


redbean said...

ya, STB can use the idea to boost tourist dollars and life more exciting here.