I asked 'Who won?'

Obviously the red shirts lost. And it is easy to think that the white shirts won. Let me take a different look. What do you get when you mix red and white together? Pink of course: ) There are good things and bad things coming out of this episode. For one, Singaporeans are not prone to riotings and burning down buildings today. Singaporeans are sensible and responsible people that will abide by the rule of law and settle their big differences over tea. The women have proven that all the fears of granting permits to Singaporeans to hold parties are unfounded, or at least need to be re examine. I still think that all the education and prosperity did not go to waste, that we have progressed as a people, no longer third world mentality and prone to violence. Can we then examine our heads and ask whether we still need all the controls, and to release freedom of expression in drips and draps to be safe? I was there to take a look, with my camera ready, in case violence broke out. I was disappointed. And I hardly see the presence of the police except for the Cisco guards inside the conference hall. The women have vindicated that Singaporeans are civilised.


Anonymous said...

I have said that everybody gains due to the Saga, in your previous article.

On thinking a little harder, i think our ladyfolks gain more. They are likely to be mothers, groomers, role models to those they gave birth to and the knowledge they learnt from the Saga will be be very valueable.

Hopefully, our ladies will be better wives, daughter-in-laws and mothers.

Anonymous said...

Not too sure who won, but i think the hetrosexuals did not.

CatFightLover said...

The Sunset Saga which was really a circus outing showcased the varied types of women we have in this country.

Business types, hippy types, swinging types, auntie types, professional types and most unforgetably, the queer types. The real womanly motherly types stayed at home, minded their families and gave good companionship to their hubbies. They don't like to get near frenzied circus baboons baying and yelling for blood.

Again, 90K of good money for this? What a waste!

redbean said...

it will be interesting for the women to form a political party and stand for political office. they have proven that they can rally their supporters. then they can really champion the women as equals to men in the political front. they can then decide who can become ministers instead of men deciding.

how about that?

CatFightLover said...


Are you saying that these women are ministerial material?

Catfights ok lah for a laugh but running matters of state?

redbean said...

don't under estimate the power of women. i am sure among the ladies there some are very capable. not necessary in the exco. the gathering is one of the strongest we have seen and definitely enough to contest a few GRCs.

how about a WPP? Women Power Party?

Anonymous said...

Your suggestion should be takened up. The highest office in the land is worth many others.

Ladies should have as much say as the manfolks and they should take up the challenge.


Jaunty Jabber said...

I stayed home, stayed away from the saga although my heart hope that a certain group don't win.

I refused to be used as a digit in any form. If I am interested in any kind of activity, I want to be there to make a meaningful presence, not to be used as a disposable digit.