CSE - No complains means OK?

Minister of State for Education, Iswaran, told the public to get the facts right on sex education in school. 'Get your facts right on what is happening in Singapore schools when it comes to sex education, and do not base comments on "innuendo or information receive on the fly". The schools' sex education programme is based on "the guiding principle that the family is the basic building block of society". 'In a letter, the MOE said the schools "found that the content and messages of the sessions(CSE) were appropriate for their students and adhered to guidelines to respect the values of different religious groups'. And there has been no complaints against the programme, so far. So the MOE has done the necessary vetting and the parents are happy as they are not complaining. I presume that MOE must have consulted the various religious bodies or have religious representatives saying that the programme is acceptable. The latest is that some parents have started to complain about the CSE and MOE is starting an investigation. What is interesting is that though the content of the CSE is posted everywhere, no religious body is coming out to comment on its appropriateness. All adopting a politically correct stance. And a bishop has spoken to distance the church from the new Aware Exco. But where does the church stands on homosexuality? To stand at a distance on the ground that the new Exco is mainly a Christian group gatecrashing into a secular organisation is one thing. Taking a stand on homosexuality and sexual conduct is another. One wrong does not make the other wrong. It will be interesting to see the facts of the MOE investigation and the comments of the NCCS. They are going to be very embarrassing for sure.


Anonymous said...

Watch this?


Anonymous said...

Suddenly got complaints because parents are instigated lah. Then, MOE is investigating because must follow SOP mah.

Yes, but what are the facts?

Don't be too sure MOE going to say sorry, we make mistake. High pay Gahmen don't make mistake, you know.

redbean said...

thanks anonymous. that's a good video clip and hsien loong has explained the govt' position very clearly. there is room for everyone but homosexuality shall not be promoted as a way of life. everyone shall live their private life privately.

it is also good that we can talk about such issues without cursing at one another or calling each other names. but the venoms, passion and sensitivity expressed by some can be expected when they take them too personally.

we have matured as a people to accept alternatives and differences. but they must be kept in the proper perspective and not be allowed to grow too wild.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, the church has made its stand long long time ago and it remains the same lah. Homosexuality is a sin and it does not condone active propagation of homosexual activities.

This AWARE issue is about the CSE and indoctrination of young minds, what you want the church to do? The pastor encouraged JL and Co., bloggers complain, he apologised, also complain.


redbean said...

the MOE is in a tricky position.

sex in school said...

We do not allow rapists or child molesters to teach their agendas to our school children because we do not agree that they were "born that way" or even "raised that way", no less, "damaged by society to act that way".

So too, since we do not agree that gays or lesbians were "born that way" nor even "raised that way", and not least of all, "damaged by society to act that way". We must not agree to let gays and lesbians seduce our school children.

Our school children are our future. They are our wealth, our inheritance. They are innocent, and defenceless. We need to speak out for ALL our children, Muslim children, Hindhu children, Christian children, and so on.

Sex perverts have a voice, and they have learned to speak loudly, and shrewdly, and shrilly to manipulate society and government for their interest, and theirs alone. Why should the majority be bent [bengkok] if the minority does not want to turn away where they have error?

But our school children have NO VOICE in this debate. We are therefore fiduciary trustees for them. We need to act as a good trustee, in such moral, conscionable manner as best looks after the children's interests, and NOT the interests of those who would pervert them for strange sex.

The issue is the majority view of Singapore versus the perverted views of a minority.

If they will respect that we majority has a viewpoint, then we also respect that the minority can hold on to theirs.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that gays and lesbians are used as ´chess pieces´ during this ´tussle´.

Francis Chua

Anonymous said...

Please be reminded that we are living in a secular society. Thank you.

Francis Chua

Jaunty Jabber said...

Of course no complain cannot take it as 'is ok' and 'no problem'. No complain could equal to big problem underlying and no one is there to know it until it is too late to complain.

Anonymous said...

The political correct group which is the majority in Singaopore,about 66.67% at last count have more or less sensed the inclination of the NEW PAP leadership(though the same Asian values group since 50 years ago)to exploit the creative power of the homo group,last year,LKY made a special vist to Europe to visit a gay designer and prasied him for his creativity.

Like they say,in red dot,everything has to do with one man,you think these political correct groups dare to say these things to Asian valued LKY 30-40 years ago.


redbean said...

hi sex in school, welcome to the blog.

things are changing quite rapidly and terms like sexual perverts are now irrelevant. people engaging in new style of sexual pursuits are called life style choices, alternative sexual partners. these are more neutral terms and less offensive. the term sexual perverts have very strong negative connotations.

people who pray on small children for sexual gratifications, like paedophiles are still regarded as sexual perverts. i share your concern that people who cast lusty glances or harbour abnormal sexual exploits with children in mind should be kept away from the children in schools.

how dangerous to have wolves in sheep clothing and playing or sleeping with the sheep? i can't imagine the consequences if the homosexuals are authorised to educate our children on sexual mores and sexual preferences.

but don't worry, the MOE is on top of the situation.

Anonymous said...

¨i can't imagine the consequences if the homosexuals are authorised to educate our children on sexual mores and sexual preferences.¨

I strongly protest in your use of hurtful statements against the homosexuals. You have NO rights whatsoever to hurt any group of individuals in your writing. Your writing show up your deep prejudice against homosexuals.

Francis Chua

redbean said...

hi francis, my statement is not meant to hurt. it is an objective statement.

would you think it is ok for a prostitute to teach children about sex? but i may reconsider such a position depending on where she is leading to.

a homosexual or a prostitute can teach anything, and i don't see any problem with that. but if they are to teach the children that their ways of life are normal and even encouraging, that is something i will object.

i have no objections if they are teachers in other fields of interest, not in an area they have vested interested in and are likely to make things grey when they are not.

Anonymous said...


i fully support your views in your last post(above mine).

Do wish that sexuality education be properly handled by the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION from now on. If there is anything positive to me that comes out of the AWARE Saga, it is the revelations from the CSE.

If our Leaders, Government and Civil Societies are sincere for the good of our country, they need to conscientiously look at our social and cultural developments as seriously as they look after the economic developments.


Matilah_Singapura said...

To sex in school:

> We do not allow rapists or child molesters to teach their agendas to our school children [...]

We must not agree to let gays and lesbians seduce our school children. <
Although you haven't stated it directly, I assume that you contend that persons of homosexual orientation are rapists and child molesters.

Do you have any HARD evidence to support this?

> The issue is the majority view of Singapore versus the perverted views of a minority. < Therefore, the minority is not valid? Is that what you are saying?

> our school children have NO VOICE in this debate < Have any of you even BOTHERED to ask the kids for their opinions? And if so, did you actually LISTEN as non-judgementally as you could, or have you already mad up your mind on this issue?

My contention is that S'pore kids are generally not encouraged nor are they taught to THINK FOR THEMSELVES, and therefore have neither the intellectual tools or courage to CHALLENGE the opinions and edicts of what their parents, teachers and whatever 'authority' tell them (the children).

OK, now to bust more myths: there is NO 'GAY' GENE. Or if there is, researchers have yet to find one, and the research on the human genome is pretty extensive. So when arguing about 'rights' of homosexuals, throw out the genetic argument because of the lack of evidence. The religious argument has no place in the discussion either.

Sooner or later, the idea of equal rights under the law for gays will have to come down to personal freedoms, choices and freedom of conscience.

However bigotry (which is all neurotic i.e. irrational beliefs) will always be present. And yes, free individuals have the RIGHT to their opinions even if their opinions are hurtful or 'unfair' to other groups or specific individuals. No one has the right not to be criticised for their beliefs, choices, opinions preferences etc.

Personally, I prefer the 'live and let live' approach, and a rational, objective and relevant evidence based approach to choices.

Parents have every right to decide who they want to teach their children, and not agree with anything I say.

However, from my rational-objective based standpoint, I evaluate teachers on their skills, merits, and humanity — not their race, religion or sexual orientation.

redbean said...

matilah, don't anyhow shoot off the hips. read my clarifications can?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Who the fuck are you to tell me how to interpret the world or how or what to write?

redbean said...

you silly asshole! drunk again huh?

Jaunty Jabber said...

I hope MOE dig deeper to check on the school sex ed program. Cannot appreciate a teaching to tell girls below the age of 18 to carry a condom with in their purse. This is not a basic counter-measure to prevent pregnancy and STD. This is using a mechanical method to counter human's weakness in self-control.

If carrying a condom is only to save a teenager from unwanted pregnancy and nasty sexual diseases without confusing the young's understanding of moral, then can we say that carrying a revolver around is for self-defense only and no worry for misuse?

Anonymous said...

What I suggest as an alternative is a very long academic discourse on human sexuality & their troubling aspects to be lectured by professers to the students. I am sure this will please the fussy parents.

Francis Chua

Matilah_Singapura said...

Listen redbean, if attack my ideas — that's ok.

However if you make a personal swipe at me — I reserve the right to respond by handing your ass — bloodied, bruised and battered — back to you on a plate.

Thank you for understanding.

So, now, attack my ideas. Let's see what stuff you're made of ^_^

redbean said...

oh matilah, you are sober! i thought i could scold you when you are drunk and you wouldn't know anything about it?

i also always think that your expression of friendliness is by swearing and i was just returning you a little friendliness : )

seriously, you will find more people engaging you when you are less thuggish. no matter how good you write, people will stay away for fear of not knowing what is going to come from you.

be nicer to people you will find many people are very nice too. see how jaunty is engaging you?

stay sober mate: )

Matilah_Singapura said...


> seriously, you will find more people engaging you when you are less thuggish. < Wah. All of a sudden you're an expert. Get out and read more. There are great libraries in Singapore.

BTW, I don't write to 'engage' people. I write for my own selfish entertainment. How many times do I have to tell you this?

> be nicer to people you will find many people are very nice too. < WTF. Are you Jesus in disguise? Or just a half-baked preacher? Did you smoke a joint before preaching your sermon on the mountain? Because you sure seem to be stoned to me ^_^ (Just curious)

Jaunty Jabber said...

I admit that when I first visited this blog, I was a little afraid of Matilah, ha.

Cos' his comments can be quite vandalistic sometimes. I also find him to be like a painter, but a fierce one lah, holding his painting brush so firmly with protruding veins showing on his arm, drawing bold, loud pictures that tells a story with very strong strokes. This is to say that I find him to be a art person, his comments are sharp yet it contain good doses of artistic elements.

Am glad that Matilah will not restrict his style just to accommodate Jaunty who was too timid at the beginning. Not to worry now, after some observation and understanding, Jaunty has come to realize that Matilah is not only harmless but also friendly. Of course, he is also a intelligent being, at times quite funnie too.

Dear all and especially to Redbean & Matilah,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and inspirational insights so generously. I think my jaunty mind is enriched by the writing of you guys.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wahaha. Jaunty's post put a smile on my dial.

To reiterate my position: I write for the sheer selfish pleasure I get from the activity.

Writing is hard. Hardcore writing — thrashing out ideas and occasionally holding people's feet to the fire, or when necessary (figuratively) kicking them in the shin or head — is particularly challenging. Any fool with a basic street vocabulary can spew expletives, but unless there're salient points to be made it's simply 'vulgarity for vulgarity's sake' — pure nonsense.

> his comments can be quite vandalistic sometimes [...] holding his painting brush so firmly with protruding veins showing on his arm < Excellent. Thank you. Finally, 'street cred'. I must tell my mother. She'll be so proud.

I'm adding that comment to my resume. There's nothing quite like 'direct feedback' from the audience.

Some years ago, I used to write reviews in tech magazines, for the 'spectacular sum' of between $150-$200 per article. (Capitalistic exploitation)

The next editor who employs me can eat my ass! Because now, I am... an artisté! Don't believe? Check My Singapore News @ blogspot :-)

redbean said...

matilah, i am no jesus. but whoever believes in me shall have ever lasting popularity. you are a celebrity!

ok, ok, you don't like to be popular.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Hi Matilah

I'm delighted when I read your reply and also glad that you see a value in my comments about your writing style. You even are going to pin some part of it onto your resume! : )

I wonder which profession you are in?

I visited your blog before, please pardon me for saying, I find some of your posts too hard-hitting and vigorous for me, I will need eno to help me digest and eyemo for my dry eyes....it takes alot of guts t read lor, haha some of it lah. haha. Hope you don't mind what I have just said.

Your recent posts are quite different from your usual, less scandalous and less vandalistic.

Now, I am glad to discover your have different style and your varying modes of delivery for your thoughts.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey Jaunty

Before anyone can view my blog, they are given ample warning of the content. In that way, whatever experience they get from the visit is of their own choosing, with their express permission.

I'm glad that visiting my blog gave you an "experience". If by 'hard hitting' you (might) mean my uncompromising stance against all forms of religion and (what most people refer to as) spirituality, I make no apologies nor do I pull any punches.

I am a radical atheist, along the lines of Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins. Religion does indeed poison many human endeavours, and even human existance. To use a recent example: this whole sad affair with AWARE and the CSE has at their roots the poisonous nature of religious and peoples' (so-called) 'spiritual' beliefs — all personal VALUE JUDGMENTS with no relation whatsoever to the object, causal universe we all live in.

redbean asserts (wrongly) that teens are unable to make value judgments although they may be able to think critically. This is a fatuous claim from someone who displays their ignorance by suggesting that there is NO LINK between critical thinking (recognizing the objective facts) and forming a value-judgment (what does it mean, how should I act).

At the risk of sounding like a personal attack: adults who behave in such a way, and espouse such "values" are (objectively) a threat to the psychological well-being of children, their intellectual and emotional growth, their self-esteem which eventually leads to how effective these kids will become when they grow to be adults.

Many of these adults (parents, teachers, religious leaders, government officials etc.) expect obedience from the kids:

"Respect your elders. Listen to me, don't question me — I'm your elder. You don't understand. When you grow up you'll understand" or "The [some 'holy ' person in authority] at [some 'holy' building specially built for 'holy' purposes], who has studied [some 'holy' literature of authority] said so and therefore it is the 'truth' which is beyond the ability of ordinary humans to understand. Therefore just accept it and shut up"The adults say this without even bothering to explain to the kid. They don't give a damn about the kids' feelings, and in the worst cases INVALIDATE the kids feelings (and therefore their identity. Children — and many adults who haven't yet matured — identify with and objectify their feelings). No wonder the children rebel, and emotionally immature adults develop mental problems!

Anyway... back to my blog. Some folks have told me — I have yet to confirm it for myself — that some countries in the middle east have BANNED online access to my blog. I'm grateful to be living in a society which (at the moment — it could change) still protects — BY LAW — the expression of impolite opinion. At least the state here still believes that polite speech need not be protected since no one is offended by it. It is IMPOLITE speech that requires protection under the law. Unfortunately for everyone living in places like Singapore, Malaysia, China — SE Asia in general, that is not the case.

My present profession: Landlord and mentor. My training: engineering.

Matilah_Singapura said...


> ok, ok, you don't like to be popular. < Don't act like a silly child. Of course everyone, through varying degrees likes to be 'popular' in the sense of being 'validated' in some way.

However I don't need nor do I seek to be 'popular' in the post-modern-pop-culture context — for reasons I leave you speculate on.

redbean said...

matilah, don't be so predictable can? just praised you a little and you started to feel so uncomfortable : )

in the case of children, i am talking in general rather than the exception. and here, in the context of the CSE issue, the children in question are 12-15. my view, you can have yours, is that children in their lower teens still need to be guided. some may be little geniuses, some very knowledgeable in areas that fired them. but the maturity of thought is still not there, with exceptions.

i have read many views that children shall be allowed to explore and think for themselves. yes, but with qualifications. to experiment with sex, drugs or all kinds of deviant behaviours is a bit too early. at these tender ages, parents would often have to say 'no'. as a parent, i will say no to anyone who wants to tell my children that homosexuals, anal sex and pre marital sex are normal and fun.

i respect the rights of parents who want to bring up their children differently, let them find their ways and experiment with sex and drugs etc.

see, i am very mindful of other people's choices. just don't impose their choices on me or anyone. while we are talking about a child's right to abuse themselves, the parents also have rights and responsibilities to guide their wards.

the last thing is for any groups to tell the parents that their ways shall be the only way. they are right and others are wrong.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Hi Matilah

Your reply is regarded as a friendly gesture to me, thanks. Your profession is dream jobs of many, landlord and mentor, sounds like just sitting down and collect $$ :P

I don't find your blog offensive, although there are heavy doses of fiery & scabrous words. In fact they are very informative and eye-opening.

With Matilah's blog, I know I am very safe and very conservative, ISD won't come after me as long as Matilah continues to blog.

Anonymous said...

For someone innocently of gay orientation, not so into gay forms of sexual relations, Singapore can be a horrible and hellish place to be with all forms of proposition of sex at the most inopportune times. On the buses, on the streets and in all kinds of places. It is crazy.

Francis Chua