A tale of talent versus good fortune

Which is more powerful, more successful, and more real? With talent one can do anything. With good fortune, one does not need much talent to achieve more. Without good fortune, no amount of talent is going help and make one successful. True or false? Anyone out there willing to say that talent is the one that counts? The recent events have proven one thing. With talent one may be in a position to do big things. One can achieve a lot but also lose a lot. For losing, it is not the fault of the talent, but lack of good fortune. Blame it on providence when luck runs out. Without good fortune, we can see talents looking rather like misfits. Without good fortune, and when time is running out, or the wind has changed direction, talent or no talent, all will be found wanting. In such times, the latter will expose themselves immediately. And the more they hide behind the veil of talent, the more ridiculous they will look. I am sure many of the talents are having self doubts now and would wish that the balloon wasn’t so big. And there will still be some who sincerely believe the balloon is not big enough, and the talent tag is for real. The balloon will not blow up in their faces. Given such a scenario, maybe a better fall back position is to discard the talent brand and hide behind the supernatural, ascend to the next dimension of immortals and demigods. In such a state, what one only needs a little belief and a lot of trust. Would we be hearing anymore of this thing called talent or super talents? Or would one hear a sigh of relief and thanking god for their good fortune. But fortune comes and goes in cycles, like the tide, sometimes high and sometimes low.

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