Singing the Singapore Song

Obama and Congress are tightening the screws on the thieves in Wall Streets. And the thieves are screaming, 'If you don't pay us well, we will jump ship!' Now, after the mess they created, who or which country will be in the right frame of mind to want to pay them more to bring them into their fold? Or which country will have so much lose change to pay these thieves the ransom they are asking? I forgot to add that the restrictions placed on the compensation of these thieves are only good in paper. They are exceptional talents and will find ways to pay themselves whatever they deem fit. A thief is always a thief, no matter how much he is paid.


Anonymous said...

I saw a CNBC program call "House of cards", a documentary on global economic break down.

Not thief(worst), third rate Used-Cars salemen in silk suit. I have new found respect to former used cars salemen, at least We know what we may get when we went to them.

redbean said...

the house of cards is being built everywhere by the great bankers and people who believe in their ethos and ways of making quick bucks.

and the more they cheated, the more highly they are regarded. no morals need to be discussed.

the smarter ones take the most.

Anonymous said...

That is why this present financial crisis is so difficult to put on track again. Everything in this world is just at inflated value caused by the piles of money made by the immoral bankers, company CEOs and their sidekicks.

These people have already tasted the luxurious good life, trickled down to their families, cronies and friends. How can that lifestyle be abandoned suddenly? These people will continue to blackmail the US Government for further bailouts, one after another.

And Obama is going to keep pumping taxpayer's money to keep them afloat. He has no choice but to do that, partly out of duty, partly out of political payback. He had plenty of Wall Street support for his campaign, so some people still have plenty to dictate to him.

And like us, he will need to create plenty of jobs. What kind of jobs? Well, we have some idea. Macdonald's is obviously expanding. They could create thousands of jobs, but....

Lost Citizen

redbean said...

we have been inflating the prices of our properties, from landed properties to commercial properties and now to the heartland properties. they reckon it is a good thing.

soon our 3rm flat will cost $1m.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Some thiefs don't take your money away, they just prevented your money to stay with you by building paths to channel your money to them.

redbean said...

hmmmm, it is all for your own good. got to be grateful to them, for keeping you away from your money.