Double cuts for top civil servants and ministers

Many of you are just looking at the 19% pay cut for ministers, top civil servants and the President. Actually the cut is deeper and much more than reported. You must remember that they were underpaid according to the benchmark and are due for a third adjustment in January next year. To take a pay cut of 19% from their current salary is thus short changing them. Technically, they should get their adjustment in January first to put their salary to their rightful place. Then the 19% cut can come in. That will be only fair. What's happening is that they did not get what they should get and got a cut instead. Then there is Hsien Loong who has pledged to donate his last pay rise to a charity. Now he will be worst off than the rest. He did not benefitted from the last increase like everyone else, and still kena cut as well. Someone did not do the sums right this time.

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