Too much money!

This should be the title of the next movie for Jack Neo. The concept of Money Not Enough is over used. He should talk about people with too much money, when they do not know where the money is coming from and what to do with the money, and still crazily asking for more money. My definition of Too Much Money is one month's income that is more than enough for one years expenditure. But it should exclude purchases like bungalows, yachts, exotic wild parties etc. To include such big ticket items, then there is not limit. You can buy a bungalow or ten bungalows everyday. Having dinners every night in a restaurant for the whole family are normal for people with too much money, but acceptable. People with too much money should be able to spend without batting an eyelid on the best food and best quality daily needs. The moral of the movie shall be how crazy and greedy people are when they fall into the category of Too Much Money and still asking for more money. And another plot should be on how those with Too Much Money are turning to doing more meaning things to better the world and other people's life instead of chasing for more money.

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