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The Golden Formula

Yes it works. After testing it out for the last decade or so, the formula works and is showing results. Singapore is finally on the road to an Olympic medal, maybe even a gold. The whole nation was glued on the TV screen, sharing the oohs and the aahs, one moment thumping in triumph, the next moment the heart sank in despair as our table tennis players battled the South Koreans for a place in the final. After 1960, we have nothing to shout or look for at the Olympics except to send a couple of calefares, for the experience. And we echoed that sports was about participation and sporting spirit. Win or lose did not matter. But sports has transformed itself into a different kind of battlefield for nations to stamp their mark of success. Millions and billions have been spent on sports and sporting talents to win that gold medal. The money is no small change and every country is doing it, grooming and paying their local talents or buying foreign talents. We are no exception. Tonight is a big night for Singaporeans. Even the live telecast of the National Day Rally has been delayed to make way for the table tennis final when midget Singapore will take on mighty China. You can bet, critics or supporters alike will be glued to the TV, biting their nails and groan when we go down to China. I can't imagine the explosion of joy if the Great Wall crumbles. We can see more of such events in the future now that the golden formula has been confirmed to work. If we increase our budget tenfolds, we could have ten times to cheer and feel elated. But that might be asking for too much. Perhaps we can be more targeted in spending the money by going for individual sports. One talent is enough to win a gold. Go to Jamaica for sprinters, and Australia for swimmers. Discover a raw diamond that may turn out to be a Bolt or a Phelp. An Olympic gold is not within our reach. We can afford it.


Anonymous said...

after this olympics win, the argument that FT does not add value to the country will be demolished forever. be sure to hear this message being broadcasted again and again. using this as an example, the door will be thrown wide open from now is my guess. righfully this is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

And why not?? Anyone who can add value and glory to Singapore are welcome. Those of you who feels that FT are not welcome are free to leave.

redbean said...

ya, they are going to train more foreign talents. no talent must keep quiet and give way.

i always think that one day some supertalent may suggest culling of the untalented. should not waste food and resources on the useless.

Anonymous said...

Those who continually harp on the argument that our country needs FTs have missed the point totally and as a result they are not in tune with the actual feelings on the ground becos Singaporeans are not blind or stupid to not recognise what the country needs.