Forming a new party?

As we continue in our political development, brand name is getting more important. Some 30 years ago, political scientists used to claim, very seriously, that if you put a party’s brand on a donkey, the donkey will also get elected. Today, this message is even more real. People are now identifying more with the party brand than the candidates put up. Who cares what is the candidate? The natural progression down the road is likely to see people voting for parties instead of voting for individual candidates. And this is getting more desirable with more candidates looking more like liabilities than assets. In a way, thanks to the internet, any flaws will quickly be highlighted. There is no escape. Some bloggers will bite like a bull terrier and refuse to let go until a piece of flesh has been torn off. In this sense, the internet can become a very dangerous instrument and cannot be taken lightly. So what’s up Doc? You guess it. Just contest for the parties in year 2069. If that be the case, I would like to form a party too. Now the trick is what name to choose for the party that can instantly be recognizable and will be embraced by the electorates? How about MacDonald Party? It is a familiar name alright. Ah Kong and Ah Ma also know that. But my favourite is Coke. Coke is it? A Coke Party will be a hot favourite. Coke is a recognisable name. Just don’t mispronounce it ok?

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