Ah Kong's child

The love child, the accidental child, the no priority child, now we have Ah Kong's child. In the 70s, the third child, sometimes by accident and also known as accidental child, is frown upon. He/she will face life with a lot of handicaps. No priority in many things. Always last in queue even for schooling. Ah Kong has changed his mind. Ah Kong is getting in age and wants more children. Today, 3rd, 4th, 5th or more, will become Ah Kong's child. Ah Kong wants them and will pay for them. The mother is simply a surrogate mother, producing the babies for Ah Kong in return for some cash or compensation. Will these Ah Kong's children be getting any priority in life? Not very likely. Will Ah Kong change his mind one day? Or will Ah Kong suffers from dementia and claimed that he is not responsible for their being born into this world? Will their surrogate mothers bring them here out of love or out of money? And if the later, what happens when money runs out?

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