Malaysian journalists and bloggers joined hands

They are coming together to demand for more press freedom. They are not happy to see Malaysia falling behind in media freedom. Now would that make any difference? I think they ranked much higher in press freedom than our 146th position, or is it 157th? Does it matter when economic well being is the better criteria to judge the well being of a people? We may be ranking below everyone, but we are rich and prosperous, we have everything other poorer countries are envious off, except, a little less press freedom. But since there are no protest, it means that Singaporeans are happy with our position. We don't need the press freedom that will lead to trouble and riotings in the streets. We don't even need street protests. I hope our msm will rise up to the occasion and propound on our virtues of being 146th or 157th. We are the best in our own ways. We do not need to follow the standards set by the rest of the world.

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