Celebrating Singaporeans - Stand by your man.

Many people did not know who she is. Many would not want to know her or speak to her. And in the list of honours for National Day, her name will be missing. This is a mother of two children who has given up the a normal and comfortable lifestyle of an academic and bring up children in a family friendly environment. She stood by her husband, no matter what his beliefs and pursuits, and soldiers on in virtual disgrace and humiliation, to stand by her man. These are virtues that not many women are prepared to live by in this materialistic world when success is measured in how much is the man's pay packet. Dr Huang Chih Mei is the wife of the infamous leader of an opposition party, Dr Chee Soon Juan. The latter's political experience and antics have made life very uneasy and uncomfortable for many, and was at the wrong end of the political justice. He has been named with all kinds of unfavourable and undescribable adjectives. He has been tarred, feathered and paraded on the pages of the msm. He has lost a decent and respectable lifestyle and the opportunity to bring up a family like any high income earners in paradise. This role is now left to this dutiful and loyal wife. Under many circumstances a weaker woman would have bowed out and take on a new life. Huang Chih Mei did not, and strive along despite the many material and financial disadvantages, and social ostracisation as well. Her qualities as a woman, a wife and a mother, are all that family virtues can ask for. And if anyone is deserving of an honour during the National Day, she deserves to be one. She is not in politics though her husband is. She confines her roles as the other significant half of the family.

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